At Jackie, we believe in the joy and beauty of celebrating women and their skill, talents, and nature. Our goal is to encourage, uplift and support in all circumstances. As we know, the holidays contain a healthy dose of both unbridled joy and added stress. We want to encourage you to take this festive season as an opportunity give yourself a little extra pampering. You deserve it! Refuse to get bogged down by the tension that so often comes with the season. Rather, allow yourself to find rest amidst it all and make space for you. It’s not selfish. It’s necessary. 

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Celebrate Gratitude

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, we are in the spirit of gratitude. Take this time to think about the things for which you are genuinely grateful. Take it a step further and be vulnerable and share that with others. It is often in those places of sheer vulnerability that we see the most growth and relational development. At Jackie, we are beyond grateful for the ladies that have supported us, encouraged us and joined the Jackie movement alongside us. We cannot thank you enough for your love, support and positivity. Without you amazing women, we simply couldn’t do what we love to do! 


What does making myself a priority look like?

The idea of putting yourself first can, at face value, seem selfish. As women, we value relationships deeply and with that comes our natural tendency to put ourselves on the back burner to care for our loved ones. In truth, if we don’t care for ourselves first and make ourselves a priority, caring for others is exceedingly more difficult. Stay committed to making space for you. Book a massage. Draw yourself a luxurious bubble bath and let the champagne flow. Take a walk on your favorite beach. Treat yourself to a shopping spree and invest in some quality pieces! Whatever it is that makes you feel pampered, commit yourself to that. Refuse to feel guilty. Enjoy these moments to yourself amidst the craze that is the holiday season. 

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Why We Care

Our deep rooted belief in supporting and encouraging women drives every little thing we do. It inspires our work and lays the foundation for Jackie. We genuinely care for each and every one of you and want to see you succeed. An essential part of that success is self care and remembering your worth and value. Celebrate YOU! We do!

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Embrace the Holidays

Whether the holiday season is a joyful time or a challenging one that brings about painful memories and added stress, we want to encourage you to embrace all that it is and dive in. Take the time to process what the holiday season will look like for you and go for it. Reach out to your loved ones and be vulnerable. Don’t put yourself on the back burner. Make yourself a priority and then care deeply for your friends and family. Embrace gratitude. Be vulnerable and express thankfulness. Make space for yourself and genuinely enjoy it. You deserve it.