At Jackie, we believe in the essential beauty of uplifting and encouraging women. We believe that the art of being a woman is something to be celebrated. So often, it can seem like women compete with one another, whether it be over appearance, careers, relationship status or otherwise. At Jackie, we aim to put an end to this competitive nature, because the joy of lifting one another up, outweighs the negativity of putting one another down. 


So why does it matter?


Fosters Healthier Relationships

There is nothing more toxic than fake friendships and petty conversation. When women uplift one another, it brings healthier, more supportive relationships to the forefront. A healthy relationship lays the foundation for mutual support, positivity and makes room for genuine growth and relational development; whereas a relationship built on competition or putting one another down only paves the way for a stagnant friendships and negative feelings. Pursue relationships that are built on positivity. They will always push you towards being your best. 


Builds Community

A community is essential to personal growth. Everybody needs people in their corner or on their team and you don’t want those people to be anything but supportive and looking our for your best interest. When we dedicate ourselves to lifting one another up, we, as women, create room for a healthy, supportive community to be built. This kind of community will propel you, and those around you to be the very best you can be. 

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Inspires Success

We all know it is true! Women are better together. When we take the time to build one another up, we are twice as successful. When we refuse to give time to the relationships or conversations that tear us down, we have even more time to dedicate to building success. Whether it be in terms of your career, your relationships or your personal goals and motivations, when ladies work together, we see success for all women.  

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Boosts Your Self Confidence

When you take the time to inspire confidence in other women and point out what it is that you appreciate about others, you will begin to analyze qualities that you respect and appreciate. We aren’t talking about small compliments about how someone dresses or how they style their hair. Although those are important relational builders, we encourage you to compliment character. Those compliments mean so much more and will inspire a more meaningful friendship to action. These qualities will soon be absorbed into your own values and, as a result, boost your self confidence. When you have the courage to compliment others, you build belief in yourself one baby step at a time.  

Encourages Honesty

There is something truly beautiful about being honest with other women. It’s not about empty compliments, but being brutally honest with the ladies in your life that you care for deeply. When you are genuinely honest with one another, you inspire growth and mutual development. That is a the biggest gift. Remember that women need each other. We all need people in our corner and genuine relationships to propel us forward. As we uplift one another, we will see growth. After all, women are better together.