Often times it feels like we live in a world where everyone is selfishly looking out for their own best interest. Everyone is on their own path to success and can’t stand to be interrupted. When we accept this as our worldview, we fail to recognize the good in the people with whom we interact on a day to day basis. At Jackie, we argue that what humanity needs most is to genuinely and truly believe in each other. Think of what a different world we would live in if at the base of every relationship was mutual support rather than jealously, and positivity rather than competition. At Jackie, we want to encourage you to seek out the best in everyone, including yourself.


What happens when you genuinely believe in others? 

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You exude positivity.

When you begin each day with the unbridled joy of searching to find the best in others, you will overflow with positive energy. The harsh reality is, nobody wants to spend time with a Debbie Downer. Fight back when you feel those twinges of negativity and strive for the alternative. When you are dedicated to seeing the positive in others, others will see the positive in you. 


Life ceases to be a competition.

When we are constantly analyzing and comparing ourselves to those around us, we foster negative self talk. This mentality only encourages behavior that wants to see the worst in others. For example, if I can list all of the things that someone else lacks, that I have, I feel better about myself, right? What if we flipped that mentality and insisted upon finding the best in others and accepted people for their innermost goodness? The element of competition that is often so present with women is eliminated when we are perfectly committed to finding the very best qualities in each other. 


You can relax.

It can be hard to take a breath and enjoy those around you when you fail to believe that others are capable, strong and in pursuit of greatness. When you believe the best in others, there is no need for competition. There is no need for tension and frequent comparison. You can fully enjoy the beautiful presence of others, completely uninterrupted.


Friendships flourish.

We are all familiar with the concept of comparison and its negative impact on relationships. Maybe one friend has a beautiful home, a healthy relationship and the job of their dreams. It isn’t unreasonable to struggle with jealousy and resent the friend because of the inherently good things that he or she has in the palm of their hand. When we eliminate that jealously and comparison, friendships will grow to their maximum potential. When we ask questions and engage with those friends, even when it’s a challenge for us, that intentionality will create an even stronger friendship than ever thought possible.  

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You cultivate a healthier YOU.

As a Jackie woman, remember to pour into yourself as much as your pour into those around you. Give yourself the credit you deserve. While it is absolutely essential to believe in one another, believe in your own abilities. Encourage yourself as much as you encourage others. One step at a time, with every little opportunity to see the positive, you are cultivating a healthier and stronger you.