For some, Valentine’s Day is a time of celebration and rejoicing. For others, it may be a time of mourning as they wrestle with loss or singleness. To some, Valentine’s Day is just another silly holiday; but at Jackie, we want to encourage you to think outside the box. Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate your loved ones and openly express gratitude for that relationship. We want you to take full advantage of that opportunity and make the most of the holiday. 


Here are six questions to help you best navigate your Valentine’s Day.

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Where do you stand?

When you think of Valentine’s Day, what are some of the first words or phrases that come to mind? If you find yourself thinking negatively, ask yourself why and seek to adjust your mentality. Holding on to contempt and feelings of anger will only hold you back from experiencing the deep joy that comes with expressing love freely. If the holiday is one that inspires positivity and excitement, you are on your way to maximizing this season as it quickly approaches. Acknowledging where you stand emotionally is an important habit to practice and Valentine’s Day is an excellent excuse to get in touch with yourself emotionally as you navigate the exciting potential that lies ahead.

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Who are you the most thankful for?

Take a minute to think about the people in your life. Identify those who come to mind first. What is it about them that makes them so important to you? Give yourself the time to process what it is about that relationship that you value so deeply. Regardless of your relationship status, these are people to cling to on holidays like Valentine’s Day. At Jackie, we encourage you to go one step further and tell these people how much you love and value them. A handwritten note or a genuine conversation over coffee are great ways to express your love and gratitude. 

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How can you express gratitude for that relationship?

This is the fun part. Think about that person and brainstorm the things that he or she truly loves. Think about how you can go above and beyond and express gratitude by giving them something that will truly make their heart sing. Maybe they thrive on quality time, so you take them out for coffee and indulge in some great conversation. Maybe you know their favorite skincare product or  how much they simply adore your baked goods. Use what you know to express gratitude not only verbally, but by giving them something that shows you listen, care and deeply value their goodness. 

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Does Valentine’s Day make you feel embittered?

For many, Valentine’s Day is a reminder of deep hurt. Whether you have recently lost a loved one, or simply don’t have someone to celebrate the special day alongside, take the time to process what it is about the holiday that makes you feel this way. If it is the loss of a loved one, give yourself the space to mourn, process and develop a healthy plan for moving forward so as not to miss the opportunities that lie ahead. If Valentine’s Day, to you, is yet another reminder of your singleness, take time to acknowledge your wants and needs. More than that, develop a plan for moving forward. You are more than capable of having the relationship that you think you deserve. It is just a matter of knowing that you deserve it. 

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What about that special someone?

If you have a special someone in your life, this day was practically made for the two of you. Spend quality time together and be honest and open with how you feel. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Take the time to enjoy the presence of one another and truly express gratitude for the relationship that you have. Relationships are such a special time to intimately explore the ins and outs of another’s heart. Refuse to pass up any opportunity to express how much you love and value your significant other, no matter how silly the holiday. Every day is the perfect occasion to go above and beyond for your Valentine.

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How can you think outside the box this year?

Jackie women, we want to encourage you to give and express love freely this Valentine’s season. Acknowledge where you stand emotionally, give yourself the time and space you need, but do not, under any circumstance, pass up the opportunity to express gratitude this Valentine’s Day. The art of freely expressing love is a practice that will serve you well time and time again. Do not miss out on an opportunity to see the best in those around you. Think about the ways in which you can go above and beyond for the people in your life this Valentine’s Day. Your dedication to showing love and compassion will transform your mentality and instill in you a renewed vigor for celebrating the small holidays and the relationships that make them worth celebrating.