Hospitality is defined as the generous and friendly treatment of visitors and guests. Some take it a step further and describe it as the reception and entertainment of others. Bottom line, hospitality, in its most basic form, can be simplified down to two main ideas; generosity and kindness. As women, our predisposition to nurture and care for those around us gives us the amazing gift of being innately talented at the art of hospitality. Being hospitable has a deep and profound effect on the people we love and might just impact our own nature more than we think. At Jackie, we want to explore the art of hospitality and unpack not only why it is important but why it is absolutely essential.


The Art of Hospitality

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It creates space for others to be themselves.

When you provide excellent hospitality for those in your life, you are giving them permission to bring whatever they carry with them into your space to be shared. You are inviting them to let their guard down and make themselves at home. When you allow someone to be completely comfortable in your space, not only are you building immeasurable trust, but you are sending the message that they can be wholly and completely themselves, without risk of judgement. Hospitality matters because it deepens existing relationships and creates the space for new ones to flourish. Hospitality matters because it feeds the most basic human need that we all have, to feel loved and accepted. That is not something to overlook. There is a surplus of beauty in providing space for others to feel important, cared for and genuinely loved. 

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It allows us to nurture.

Studies have shown that women have an inherent desire and drive to nurture and care for others. Some call it maternal instinct, but whether you have children or not, you surely have interacted with this in some capacity. Having the space to feed that desire and provide for others, demonstrating genuine care and compassion is a truly beautiful gift. Give yourself space and time to make this a priority. You will surely be gifting others with your warm hospitality, but more than that, you’ll be giving yourself a little soul food by striving to meet the needs of those you love. 

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It has positive physical implications.

Did you know that being hospitable reflects positively on your physical and emotional health? The best part is, it’s good for both parties! It increases self esteem, decreases stress and depression, and even boosts your immune system. When you find yourself in a mutually supportive community defined by hospitality, self esteem goes through the roof. When you feel loved and mutually cared for, it is going to reflect positively on how you view yourself. When you find yourself in this kind of relationship, you are less likely to feel stressed and depressed simply because you have someone lending a listening ear. Chemically speaking, endorphins are released, which helps to fight depression, infection and sickness, while keeping your blood pressure low and your heart healthy! How cool is that?

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It meets our most basic human needs.

Everybody needs community. It’s human nature to seek out connections that matter and to share oneself with others in a meaningful way. Feed into that need! Life is too short to waste time feeling lonely. You have the key to meaningful relationships at your fingertips and it starts with hospitality. It starts with inviting others in. When you invite people into your space, you build trust, respect and break down walls. This kind of vulnerability paves the way for lasting community one tiny stepping stone at a time. At Jackie, we challenge you to put this to the test. Reach out to others and display acts of genuine hospitality. You won’t be displeased with the results. 

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It encourages positivity.

Positivity is positively intoxicating. Think about someone who’ve you met who you were immediately drawn to. We are willing to bet that they were an incredibly positive influence. When you find yourself extending hospitality in attempt to establish meaningful relationships, it is absolutely essential that you take on an air of positivity. When you do, the lighthearted spirit will continue to blossom. When you begin to share yourself with another, self esteem will increase and thus the positivity cycle continues! Do not doubt the power of hospitality. It has benefits beyond a night with friends over drinks or dinner. Seek out opportunities to invite others in and be expectant that good things will happen, because in time they will. 

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