Feeling like you just don’t get excited about what you’ve got in your closet anymore? At Jackie, we understand. Our team of stylists have perfected the art of making each and every Jackie customer feel like a million dollars in the clothing that you own, while adding pieces to give your style the little boost that it needs. If you’re feeling the springtime styling slump, we’ve got you covered. Here are five ways to combat feeling like your in a styling rut and get back to feeling fierce fast.

5 Ways to Break Out of a Styling Slump


Try Something New

There is something to be said for being bold in your styling choices. It is so easy to wear similar things day in and day out; but unfortunately, it won’t be long before you are feeling bogged down by the same old styles. Before you know it, you’ll be craving something different. Take this opportunity to try some styles that push you comfort zone. If you’re a skirts and dresses kind of lady, push yourself to try some sporty athleisure. If you’re all about the leggings and sweater look, try spicing things up with an occasional dress or heels to elevate your look. Fashion isn’t about having one look that you love. It’s about trying new things and experimenting with fabrics, patterns and trends. Don’t wait for our permission, get out there are try new styles!

Play Dress Up

Do you ever go shopping, try on handfuls of outfits and leave with a new found sense of confidence from trying on styles that make you feel stunning? The truth is, we all like to feel fabulous and play dress up! Trying on new pieces boosts our self confidence and gives us the space to feel free in our decisions, rather than trapped by the same old same old. Although seemingly silly, giving yourself the opportunity to be childlike in your clothing choices will open the door to new and exciting styles that you never thought possible. Don’t be limited by what is comfortable. Try styles that fall into the “I wish I could pull that off” category; because trust us, you can!

Wear Your Favorite Outfit

Sometimes all you need when you are feeling less than fabulous is to flaunt your favorite look. Whether it’s a little black dress, a stunning jumpsuit or that oh so chic skirt in the back of your closet, bring it out! More often than not, this small act of wearing something that you know you love, will bring back that feeling of shameless confidence. Before you know it, you’ll be inspired by that feeling and hunting for new looks left and right. Chase that feeling and begin seeking out new opportunities to mature your personal style wherever you go.

Play with Patterns

Whether you’re a pattern girl or not, every once in a while, bold colors and dramatic patterns can add a little sugar, spice and everything nice to your look. This mentality of trying new things and experimenting with something that might be outside of your comfort zone is sure to break you free from the chains of your styling slump. Spring is here! Leave your winter blacks and greys at the door and grab some pieces that will add some color to your look.

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Chat with Your Stylist!

One of the best things about being a Jackie woman is the relationship you will build with your stylist. If you are feeling stuck in a styling rut, your stylist is there to listen, provide her expertise and help you find styles that are going to make you look and feel absolutely stunning! Having someone to discuss all things styling and fashion with is an invaluable tool that will always inspire confidence. Refuse to underestimate what your stylist can do for you. Get in inside scoop on why every girl needs a stylist!

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