Dear Women of All Shapes, Ages, and Sizes,

It isn’t always easy; being a woman. Comparison lies at the root of how we relate to others and form opinions about ourselves. Let’s not minimize the misfortune of how familiar we have become with the act of comparison, leading us to draw negative conclusions about our own bodies, when in reality, our bodies are something to be celebrated. We are something to be celebrated. As women we must not be passive, but understand our value and refuse to succumb to silence. We are a capable, successful and beautiful force to be reckoned with. We have potential dripping from our fingertips. We are more than our bodies. Our sense of purpose and worth must come from within.

As Jackie women, we acknowledge that how we present ourselves in terms of what we wear and how we dress is one of the best ways to convey our self worth. We do not dress to please others. We care deeply about what we wear because it is a creative and meaningful expression of self. There is beauty in knowing your body; in knowing fabrics, textures, colors and styles that flatter your figure. Empowerment lies in knowing what you want. More than that, empowerment lies in loving yourself; every “flaw” must not consume us; every imperfection must drive us to more deeply understand true beauty.

We must not waste time with comparison; with the negative impact of believing that we are not worthy. Define your own self worth and refuse to look to others to fill the missing piece within. You are not missing anything. Use your insecurities as motivators, but do not let them consume you. Be consumed with the joy that comes from appreciating what you have been given. Whether you love every inch and curve of your body, or spend your time in front of the mirror wishing another image was reflected back at you, you are worth it, you are beautiful; embrace it.



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