Every job description comes with it’s own roles and stereotypes. As women, it is our job to defy those and show the workplace what we are capable of. We must use our strengths to our benefit as we accomplish more than we ever thought possible. Regardless of your job title, you are a woman of power and can use your own voice and personality to redefine your career.

5 Ways to Redefine Your Career by Being YOU


1. Don’t Lose Your Voice

Ladies, we all know it’s true. There are times when we fall silent rather than demonstrating our sheer will power in the workplace. Sometimes it can feel easier to minimize our opinions so as not to cause an argument. At Jackie, we aim to combat that habit and encourage speaking up when timely and necessary. Advocate for yourself and for those around you. Never be afraid to speak your mind; for when you do, you might just surprise yourself.



2. Lean Into Your Weaknesses

While playing to your strengths is important, be aware of your weaknesses so that you can strive for self improvement and pave the way to being the most productive and efficient version of yourself that you can be. It can seem easy to avoid the skills and activities that make us feel less than, and while it is important to play to your strengths, do not forget to take note of your weaknesses. Weaknesses help us set goals and inspire improvement. Weaknesses are an invaluable tool to drive success; so use them!

3. Be an Entrepreneur

Refuse to be limited by your job description, your pay scale and your abilities. Always strive to have an entrepreneurial spirit in every scenario that you ever into. When you channel your inner boss business lady, you will be amazed at the things you can accomplish. Advocate for what you want and always be thinking about the best interest of the company. It is only a matter of time before your inner entrepreneur takes over and you are accomplishing your goals faster than ever thought possible. If you want to source inspiration from an entrepreneur and Jackie influencer, check out our interview with model, Kate Connick. 

4. Be Flexible yet Driven

Something that gets so many of us down in the workplace is always expecting things to go exactly as planned. As we all know, things are constantly changing and the only way to drive success in these scenarios, is to adapt and do it well. Being flexible and malleable as an employee will not only drive companywide success, but make you an employee that others love working alongside. Relationships with those around you is essential to a healthy career. Let flexibility pave the path to success for you. You’ll simply love the results.

5. Bring Your Personality to the Table

Never leave your personality at the door for the sake of your job. Although qualifications and experiences are important, chances are, you were hired because of who you are in addition to what you have accomplished. You were hired because somebody thought that your personality would mesh well with the voice of the company; so refuse to leave it at home. Bring that baby with you! Speak up when you feel passionately, be flexible and driven and never leave your quirks, sense of humor and dedication to your job at home. All of these things will come together to leave you feeling more empowered and more productive than ever. Jackie ladies, you are the whole package. Convey to others your inner confidence and nothing can hold you back.

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