At Jackie, we understand the benefit of defining your own personal style. There is so much beauty in feeling completely confident in your wardrobe. However, we understand that not everybody has a perfect handle on their own personal style. If you are looking for some practical tips to unlock your untapped styling potential, this blog is for you!

6 Ways to Embrace Your Personal Style


1. Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out

It can be easy to reach for pieces that you are comfortable with; your favorite pair of jeans and your favorite neutral tee. At Jackie, we want to encourage you to push your comfort zone and practice wearing pieces that stretch your limits and make you feel crazy confident. It’s a miracle what a pair of bold, printed pants or a statement pair of pumps can do for your confidence and your style. When you leave fear at the door, you’ll be able to start unlocking key elements of your own style that will help you build your wardrobe and feel your very best each and every day.

2. Play with Accessories

Accessorizing is one of the easiest ways to spice up your look and discover trends that you absolutely love. To put this to practice, pull a few accessories that you absolutely love. Try a funky necklace, a bold pair of shoes and a textured clutch. Build your outfit around the accessories that you have chosen. You’ll be amazed at what you pick. You might surprise yourself with how this practice will help you discover trends and styles that you absolutely cannot live without! Craving more accessorizing tips? Click here for more Jackie approved ways to accessorize like a pro!

3. Source Style From Someone Special

Having someone that you source your style inspiration from is an absolute must! Whether it is a friend, a fashion blogger, or your very own Jackie stylist, having a fashion expert to look up to is a tool that will never fail to serve you well. Being able to take their fashion advice and engage with what inspires them, will inspire you as a result and give you the resources to revolutionize your own look.

4. Use Your Travels to Source Inspiration

Traveling is the perfect way to challenge your own style and incorporate new and exciting trends. Next time you hop a plane or take a road trip, take advantage of this amazing opportunity to learn from those around you. Observe the patterns, textures and colors that the locals are wearing. Give yourself the space to people watch! Grab an iced coffee and a bench in a busy park and start taking mental pictures of the local trends that you absolutely adore. Take things to the next level by exploring local boutiques. Take home fun accessories that you can incorporate into your every day look. Reach for funky jewelry, intricate scarves and pieces that will amplify your daily look. You’ll be sure to have people asking you about your travels and your new style when you get home!

5. Consider Your Lifestyle

Think critically about the lifestyle that you live. Do you work in an office? Are you constantly active? Let your lifestyle guide your wardrobe choices and build your own personal style. If you work a job that allows you to take fashion risks on a daily basis, take advantage of that opportunity! If you have a specific dress code at work, take advantage of your post work social life to spice things up. Let what you do guide how you dress, while still taking risks to push and develop your own, unique look!

6. Talk to Your Stylist!

At Jackie, we are here to help you discover your untapped styling potential! Next time you feel like you are in a styling slump, reach out to your Jackie stylist. They are here to help you look and feel your very best. In addition to providing you with pieces that they know you will love, your Jackie styling team is here to push your comfort zone and give you pieces that will help build your wardrobe. Never hesitate to reach out and engage with your stylist. Take advantage of their expertise and most importantly, never underestimate what your Jackie stylist can do for you! Still not convinced? Here’s why you need a Jackie stylist of your own. 

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