It’s officially spring cleaning season and whether you love to organize, or hate the stress, Jackie is here to help! Today on the blog we are focusing on cleaning out that closet of yours. It is so easy to hide pieces that we never wear behind fabulous new wardrobe additions or in the bottom dresser drawer. Kiss clutter goodbye with Jackie’s guide to spring wardrobe cleaning!

4 Steps to Clean Your Closet



1. Pick Out Your Favorite Pieces

This is the easy part! Create a pile of clothing that you absolutely cannot live without; the things that you wear on a daily basis. Visually creating the space to process what you do have is an essential first step in cleaning out that closet. When you take out everything that you cannot imagine getting rid of, you are left with a closet full of potential. What is left is clothing that you feel on the edge about. These are the pieces that you will later decide to keep, resell or donate. You are on your way to an amazing wardrobe refresh!

2. What are you keeping because of the price tag?

This is one of the most common issues we see when helping women refresh their wardrobe. It is so easy to keep that piece in your closet because you spent good money on it, but that’s not a good enough reason. If it’s been sitting there for over six months and you haven’t even considered putting it on, find a way to repurpose that piece! Maybe you can’t bring yourself to add it to the donation pile because it was an investment piece and that is okay. Create a basket full of items that you think would carry value as an item to resell. There are plenty of websites and consignment stores that will help you feel like you aren’t throwing away something special. At Jackie, we understand and appreciate the value of high quality clothing, just promise us you won’t keep something hanging in your closet because of the price tag. Reuse and recycle that wardrobe of yours to keep things fresh and current!

3. The Donation Pile

This is the part all ladies are familiar with; the donation pile. Once you have removed the things you love and the pieces you are going to resell, take all of the things that you never wear and wouldn’t mind never seeing again out of your closet. Throw these pieces in a bag and take them to be donated. If they can be better used by someone else rather than sitting in the back of your closet, repurpose and recycle them! It will be a refreshing feeling when you no longer have to see the pile of clothing that you never wear creating clutter in the back of your closet.

4. Talk with Your Stylist

If you are torn with what to do with a particular piece and need a little extra wisdom, reach out to your Jackie stylist and ask her opinion! Your stylist is here to do more than simply pull clothing for your monthly box. She is available to help you make important wardrobe decisions and help you feel fabulous in what you have. Next time you are stumped during your spring wardrobe cleaning, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Jackie stylist. Never underestimate what she can do for you!

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