Whether it be in the products you choose or the relationships you foster, there is immeasurable beauty in choosing quality over quantity. At Jackie, we aim to promote the value of pursuing quality in all aspects of our lives. We are a company dedicated to providing you with the highest quality clothing, products and words of wisdom. We aren’t here to add to the noise, but to help you tune into what matters.Β We acknowledge that there are hundreds of ways for you to live your life, but at Jackie, we emphasize the importance of quality over quantity.

Why Choose Quality over Quantity?


It Keeps Things Simple

The most important piece in choosing quality over quantity is the pure joy that comes from keeping things simple. Think about it! When you have a handful of high quality pieces in your closet, you aren’t cluttered by a wardrobe that is abundant in number yet falling apart at the seams. On a deeper level, when you can count your most meaningful relationships on one hand, you know for certain who you can rely on. You never have to second guess that those quality people will come through for you. They always do! Craving simplicity is human nature. It allows us to tune out the noise. Lean into that desire and strive for simplicity of lifestyle, relationship and even the products that you love and use!

It Fosters Confidence

There is an incredible amount of beauty in unbridled confidence. When you choose quality, you create the space for confidence to flourish. Feeling confident in your wardrobe and the brands you wear is a must! It’s absolutely essential to believe in the nature of the clothing you wear. In addition, when you choose quality friendships over toxic ones, you gain confidence in your relationships.Β Being able to count on the brands you wear, the people in your life and the prominent relationships you keep, is a blessing that we should seek after! Strive towards confidence and don’t stop until you reach your goal.

It Builds Community

When you truly believe in the quality of a product, brand or relationship, you are able to attest to it’s goodness and share that positive truth with others. When you reach out and find ways to connect with others because of your passion for quality, you immediately foster community. Whether it’s an amazing friendship that you just need to tell someone about, or your new pair of Paige JeansΒ that have completely revolutionized your perspective on denim, your ability to express your passion for quality will invite others in. More than that, it will build a community of people who express similar values; an opportunity that you should never pass up!

You Appreciate the Joy of Minimalism

Minimalism is a way of life that has gained traction in recent years as a way to combat the excess that we see everywhere we go. With the constant stream of messages being sent our way via the news and hundreds of online platforms constantly filling our brain with what we need and why we need it, it is only natural that we crave quiet. We crave the opportunity to silence the noise and to tune into what really matters. We seek out products we believe in, brands we can get behind and more than anything, we seek out relationships that mean something. Take time to appreciate the true joy that comes from seeking a more minimalistic approach to life. Let Jackie help you cultivate a wardrobe you believe in and relationships that flourish. Let Jackie help you understand the beauty in choosing quality over quantity.

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