We hear the phrase, work smarter, not harder, but what does that really mean? How can we, as women, boost productivity, increase efficiency and see results in all aspects of our lives? Whether you are a mom, an entrepreneur or a student, there are always ways to think critically about your day to day schedule, maximize your potential and reach your goals!

How Can We Work Smarter?


Plan It Out

Before you dive head first into getting things done, pause and take the time to think about what needs to be accomplished. What are your goals? What steps do you need to take to reach them? Set deadlines for yourself and prioritize. When you have a plan of attack for each day, each week and each month, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. Avoid circular thinking and lack of productivity by sitting down, creating your plan and developing practical and reachable goals. This first step is going to set you up to work smarter in all aspects of your life.

Cut The Excess

Think about how much time each day you spend on things that distract you from what needs to be done. Refuse to waste time on things that aren’t going to directly impact you reaching your goals. Ask yourself what is not necessary to accomplish this minute or even today. This will leave you with a list of things that are necessary and vital to your productivity. When you cut the excess, you allow yourself to focus on what truly matters.

Let The Stressors Motivate You

We all know the feeling of being consumed by stress. When the going gets tough it can be easy to let stress get the best of us. One tactic to working smarter, not harder, is letting stress be a motivator rather than a debilitating force that overwhelmes our senses. Next time you feel stress creeping in, acknowledge it but do not run from it. Think creatively about how you can use that stress to propel you toward your goals rather than hinder you from accomplishing greatness.

Measure Results

Being driven by results and outcomes can help us stay on the path to success in a more efficient manner. Often times, becoming overwhelmed by the nitty gritty details can distract us from what needs to be done. When working, do not become so consumed with each and every minute detail, that you lose sight of what you are doing. Strive for results that you are proud of. Ask yourself if what you are doing will bring forth results that are worth producing. If the answer is yes, keep on working hard! If the answer is ambiguous, reevaluate what you can do to get yourself back on track to achieving greatness.

Stay Active

Physical activity lies at the root of all healthy lifestyles. Staying active has benefits that go far beyond a stronger, leaner body. Mentally speaking, when you dedicate yourself to even twenty minutes of physical activity per day, you increase oxygen flow to every part of your body, especially your brain. Are you familiar with that feeling of clarity after a long walk? That is a feeling you can chase after day in and day out by remaining active and dedicating yourself to keep moving each and every day.

Be Kind To Yourself.

Do not become so consumed by a list of to do’s or a notebook filled to the brim with goals that you forget to care for yourself. Set aside time for you each and every day. Whether that be a midday coffee break, a bubble bath with a glass of wine after a long day, or spoiling yourself with your Jackie subscription, remember to care for yourself too.  When you create space for yourself to rest, relax and recharge, you create space for heightened productivity down the road. Remember to spoil yourself and treat yourself like the queen you are. Need help getting started with Jackie? Click here. 

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