About Sabel

Sabel is a student interested in Pre-Law, a wife and the youngest member of Jackie’s styling team. She is passionate about helping others set and reach their own, personal goals. Sabel can often be found, tea in hand, effortlessly balancing her work as a full-time student, designing her new home with her husband, and styling her lovely Jackie customers!

What is Your Favorite Thing About Styling with Jackie?

“I have loved styling girls my age. It is so fun to pull items for people who have a similar sense of style as me. I have loved getting to know other women, hearing about thier lives and what they want their wardrobe to look like. I just want to help people reach their goals and styling them is a big part of that. I am so thankful for the relationships that I’ve made with my customers and the whole Jackie team too! More than that, I love seeing the impact that Jackie has on women. Jackie is adding sparkle to a community that is lacking. Jackie HQ could definitely be found in New York or Los Angeles and it is much needed here in Florida!”

What is Your Favorite Thing About Engaging with Your Customers?

“I love hearing so many different aspects about their lives. It’s like an open door for me. It allows me to do what Jackie is all about; to brighten up their day and vice versa. When I am having a bad day, a conversation with a customer always brightens it up!”

What is Your Favorite Jackie Brand?

I love Stateside. They have the best basics. They have amazing neutrals with a twist. Every piece is soft and you can make it work with anything. I have bought everything that we have from them. Whenever I am making someone’s first box, I always reach for some basics because it’s a great place to start building a wardrobe. I am all about mixing edgy with classic and Stateside does that so well. It’s definitely not just your basic white tee!”

What Sets You Apart From The Other Stylists?

“I think everyone has their own sense of style. My style is predictable and I always gravitate toward solid colors. I absolutely adore basics. I could throw on a Stateside dress any day of the week and be totally happy. I am also the youngest stylist on the team. I am able to take on clients in their 20’s, start them young and introduce them to brands they might not have otherwise known. I’m the only student here too!”

Why Should People Choose Jackie?

“There are so many other subscription companies out there but Jackie is so different. We are truly about making lifelong relationships and teaching women the value in doing that too. We don’t just send them a box, we want them to value themselves, whether it’s through our blog, our handwritten notes or our daily conversations. We want women to know that they are worth it. I’m so glad that Amber Duncan has created this environment to cultivate a spirit about Jackie that insists upon making women better. After all, empowered women empower women.”

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Why You Need A Jackie Stylist

She is more than just a stylist. She is your friend. She takes the time to understand what you love and your fashion pet peeves. She genuinely wants to know each and every detail. Do you steer clear of bold prints and colors? Do you absolutely adore denim? Your stylist is not only there to help, but she is committed to making you look and feel your best. A Jackie stylist is someone who wants to work alongside you to perfect the style you are hoping to capture and make you feel like a million dollars, because you are. Get started and help us understand your style!

PS. Try our monthly subscription and get your very own, personally styled Jackie box. It’s like a little monthly gift to yourself. (You deserve it).