Dear Jackie Women,

It lies at the root of human nature; the desire to be loved, accepted, appreciated and perceived as beautiful. There is something inside each and every one of us that strives toward beauty and that is far from negative. Our aspiration toward beauty is something to appreciate, for it fosters creativity; yet it is something to approach with caution, for if we put all of our energy toward looking our very best and refuse to focus our attention elsewhere, we can loose sight of what is truly important.

In an era of “who wore it best,” we, as Jackie women, aim to uphold and aspire toward beauty in a way that builds others up rather than tears others down. As women, we are familiar with the tendency to compete with one another. At Jackie, we acknowledge these tendencies and strive to empower women to uplift one another and find the beauty in mutual support rather than mutual destruction.

Our culture places a high emphasis on looking picture perfect, but at what cost? We all have our faults. For some, it may be looking at old photos of themselves and saying things like “I looked so awful back then” and, in response, erasing all evidence of that memory. For others it might be meticulously editing photos to ensure that each detail screams perfection. It is not that editing photos or occasionally erasing a less than flattering photo is bad in and of itself. It is only something to be cautious of when it becomes habitual and all-consuming.

Jackie women, we encourage you to analyze your mentality when you edit that photo of yourself or purge your social media of old photos that don’t meet your standards. If you find yourself constantly seeking validation through this process, take the time to find validation within. When you understand your worth and place a high value on what you have to offer, you join a population of women striving to uplift and empower rather than compete.

The idea of looking picture perfect is a myth and an impossible standard to strive toward. Take pride in the imperfections that come alongside the art of being a woman. At Jackie, we celebrate each and every imperfection in attempt to redefine beauty and inspire confidence. Refuse to waste your time with negative self talk, excessive photo editing or any behavior that makes you feel less than beautiful. Embrace yourself the way that you are. Enjoy the things that make you, you. 



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