We all have those morning where we stare blankly at our closet, hoping the perfect outfit will simply fall into our lap. At Jackie, we want to minimize those morning struggles and have you wake up knowing exactly what you want to wear. Many of these tricks require some planning ahead of time, but these tips will get you in the habit of thinking creatively about your everyday look; a practice that will transform your style with each new day.

4 Tricks to Try When You Don’t Know What to Wear


The Photo Trick

When you find yourself checking out your outfit in every mirror or reflective window and totally loving your look, take a full body mirror photo and create an album in your phone for looks you simply can’t get enough of. As you build your album, you’ll have something to refer to next time you get the “I have nothing to wear” blues. Instead, you’ll have an album full of looks that make you feel fabulous time and time again.

Plan on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best ways to gain style inspiration and find looks that you want to try. Create a board dedicated to looks you love. Spend a few minutes each day following new Pinterest users and pinning outfit inspiration. This is a habit that will continually challenge you to build upon your personal style. Need a new account to follow? Follow Jackie, here! Our styling team is always adding fresh, new pins to our page to help you keep your wardrobe trending.

The Third Piece Rule

We’ve talked about this before on the Jackie Blog, but give The Third Piece Rule a try! Think about every outfit as an opportunity to assemble the perfect, three piece look. You need two staple pieces and one statement piece to make your look pop. The easiest example is this; choose your favorite pair of denim, your trusty, go-to white tee, and add either a piece of statement jewelry, or a bold layer to give your look a little something extra. This trick automatically creates looks that will wow others wherever you go.

The Bottom Up Approach

This trick is especially easy for any lady who has a bit of a shoe addiction. Find the perfect pair that you just have to wear, then dress yourself from the shoes up. You can build your look around the shoe that you chose. If you are dying to rock your new statement mules, opt for a simple denim and classic tee look. If your shoe choice is simple, pull something with added flare like a striped linen pant or a bold printed blouse. Don’t forget to give this a try next time you don’t know where to start. 

Reach Out to Your Jackie Stylist

She is more than just a stylist. She is your friend. She takes the time to understand what you love and your fashion pet peeves. She genuinely wants to know each and every detail and help you make the big decisions. Your stylist is not only there to help, but she is committed to making you look and feel your very best. A Jackie stylist is someone who wants to work alongside you to perfect the style you are hoping to capture and make you feel like a million dollars, because you are. Get started and help us understand your style! Next time you find yourself stuck in a styling slump, reach out to your Jackie stylist!

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