At Jackie, we believe in the benefit of and necessity for unbridled confidence. We are built on the principle that women should not have to ask for permission; rather, they should dive head first into the pursuit of their wildest dreams. The pursuit of dreams does not come easily, and, without confidence, the challenge is even more tasking. We want to explore the art of confidence. Why does it matter? Is it completely necessary? The answer is YES! Keep reading and find out why.

Why Does Confidence Matter?


Confidence Motivates Us.

We all have a tendency to seek to be affirmed by others. Sometimes we look for praise and affection in all the wrong places and worst of all, we let it get to us when things don’t go according to our plan. Our worldview can become so narrow that with each small failure, we lose purpose. Slowly but surely, our confidence can be stripped from us. With every disappointment, misunderstanding or embarrassment, a small chunk of our sense of self can be so easily flaked away and before we know it, our inner confidence is nowhere to be found. When we are confident in ourselves, we are motivated, not by our weaknesses, but by the very notion that we know we can accomplish what we set our minds to. Whether it is a career move, a relationship or a health and fitness goal, you know you can accomplish it because confidence has been so deeply instilled in your being.


Confident People are Intoxicating.

Confident people are more often than not, the people who draw you in. The ones who, for some unknown reason, create a safe space with their words, actions and simply by how they carry themselves. How beautiful it is to be someone who creates that space for others. There is so much to be said for confidence; for holding your head high in all circumstances; for embracing change and knowing your strengths amidst challenges.

Confident People Truly Know Themselves.

How beautiful would it be if with every confidence shattering situation, we came to rely more heavily on our strengths rather than sulk in our weaknesses. What if every time we came face to face with failure, we came to more fully know and understand what makes us inherently who we are. Without a doubt, each time we question ourselves, something eternally beautiful about our truest self is revealed. With every whisper of self-doubt there lies vulnerability and with vulnerability comes an overwhelmingly beautiful window to self-discovery and relationship building, both necessary to foster and develop self-confidence.

Fashion Inspires Confidence.

One of the most creative and exciting ways to explore confidence is through discovering your own personal style. This is not something that simply happens overnight. Rather, developing and cultivating your own style takes time, practice and dedication; but be assured that as you become confident in your own sense of style, you will become an outpouring of confidence that others are drawn toward. You will be someone that others look up to, not only in terms of styling, but in terms of life. Try using fashion and styling as a way to cultivate what confidence means to you. Not sure where to start? Chat with one of our Jackie stylists! Life is too short to waste time feeling less than confident. Get out there and explore why you are the amazing woman you are!

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