Call us biased, but we truly believe that your Jackie stylist will exceed your every expectation. You won’t find automated responses, or an impersonal relationship with your stylist here. We believe in nothing but a genuine, authentic relationship focused around you, your lifestyle and your wardrobe. The wait is over ladies, get yourself a Jackie stylist today!

8 Little Reasons Your Jackie Stylist Will Change Your Life



She’s a Great Listener.

At Jackie, we believe in the value of excellent listening, especially when engaging with our lovely Jackie ladies. We want you to feel heard, supported and valued with every conversation we have and box we send. From your initial phone call with your stylist to every follow up conversation, she wants to hear all about you. She’s ready to know and understand the ins and outs of your style goals and preferences. The best part? She wants to hear all of this before she even pulls clothing for your box. Trust us, you come first!

She Values Quality.

Your Jackie stylist understands the value of high quality apparel. Jackie is dedicated to consistently carrying brands that will stand the test of time and daily wear. Your stylist will never send you anything but the best. With brands like Stateside, Rachel Zoe and Paige Denim, you’ll only receive the highest of quality. After all, you deserve nothing but the best!



She’s Brand Savvy.

Let’s face it ladies; brand names matter! You deserve to wear brands that are made to last, not built to fall apart. Your stylist is familiar with a wide variety of high end boutique brands that will consistently exceed your every expectation. We are always making additions to the brands we carry so we can keep your wardrobe trending. Who can say no to that?



She Wants to See You at Your Very Best.

The bottom line? Your stylist wants to see you shine! Our goal at Jackie is to make you look and feel like a million dollars, because you are worth it all. She won’t waste your time sending you clothing you don’t love. Her goal is to make you feel 100% confident in your own skin. Your stylist is there to help you as you reach your goals day in and day out; both styling and otherwise. Don’t for a minute doubt that your Jackie stylist doesn’t want to see you strutting your stuff down the runway of life!


She Loves Phone Chats.

What’s better than a chat on the phone with your best friend? Literally, nothing! Think of your Jackie stylist as your best friend who is always available to answer any styling questions or help you prepare for a big event! Never hesitate to reach out to your stylist via text, email, or over the phone. She’s got your back for every little styling need!

She Wants to Grow With You.

The relationship you have with your stylist is one that has the potential to grow, develop and blossom into a beautiful, fabulous thing! Our styling team wants to grow with you as you continue to explore your own personal style and find what trends you simply can’t get enough of. Expect your relationship with your stylist to grow and develop with each box she sends your way!

She Can Keep Up With Your Lifestyle.

Do you have a big event coming up soon? A wedding to attend? A honeymoon? A gala on the calendar? Your stylist absolutely loves pulling outfits and accessories for your events! You’ll be able to provide her with specifics about your trip, vacation or event and share with her your styling wants and needs. Before you know it, she will be off to the races, pulling styles for your big day! Ditch the pre-event shopping. Let your Jackie stylist do the work for you!

She Will Challenge Your Style.

We all know that growth doesn’t come easy and goals aren’t met overnight. Your Jackie stylist refuses to let you stay stagnant in your styling comfort zone. She will push your limits and help you discover new trends and styles. She won’t throw you into the deep end or send you styles that you won’t love, but leave some room for growth in that wardrobe of yours! Good things are on their way!

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