Amber Duncan – CEO & Founder of Jackie

Growing up, I always enjoyed dressing people up, not because I thought they should look a certain way, but because I wanted them to feel amazing. I wanted them to understand what it feels like to love what you wear. I wanted them to see what it feels like to relate with the world when you are confident in how you look. I would see an instant smile and immediate boost of confidence that was pulled from deep within. It truly is a powerful exercise. Twenty years later, here I am launching this incredibly beautiful brand, with a talented group of stylists who believe in this shared vision.

I am the CEO and Founder of Jackie.  More than that, I am a wife, a mother to five amazing children and a Frenchie mom to three. I have a passion for business and empowering women to be the very best version of themselves that they can be. I have always had a vision to create a platform that would empower women and Jackie is just that. I have tried all of the box subscription companies out there and couldn’t quite connect with any of them or the clothes they sent. In reponse, I decided to create something that was relational rather than transactional. Our platform is built on our desire to connect with women and truly get to know them so we can properly provide them with quality clothing to support their unique lifestyles. We carry quality boutique brands and customize each box for every client. It is personal for us.

From my experience, and I am sure from most of yours, women can be brutal, competitive and jealous. They tend to work against each other rather than for one another. Jackie is here to break that mold. I would love to create a community of powerful women who are clear about who they are and what they can contribute to the world. Women are some of the most remarkable individuals and I am committed to pulling that power out of each of them and showing them what they are capable of. We all experience setback and self doubt, but we can and we will rise above it. We need to use our stories to help others who are experiencing the same things but don’t know how to talk about it. It all starts with ” Where did you get your shoes?”

We are for women. We support their success and strive to encourage and empower them through both conversation and the selected items we send. I believe that there is power in community and, while Jackie is an amazing outlet for incredible quality clothes, it is something much bigger. Jackie is a tribe of women who want to connect with others in an effort to impact women across the country in a positive way. While we are here to help you build your very best wardrobe, we are here to be a positive voice with a much larger impact. People may forget what you said to them, but they will never forget the way you made them feel.


Amber Duncan

PS. Try our monthly subscription and get your very own, personally styled Jackie box. It’s like a little monthly gift to yourself. (You deserve it).