Who said that the kids get to have all the fun? Don’t you remember the feel of that brand new sun dress on the first day of school, paired with bright white, un-scuffed sneakers? There is something so refreshing about a new season. We know you’ll be doing a back to school shop with the kids soon enough, but don’t forget to treat yourself too. Leave the kids at home, and invest in your fall wardrobe. You deserve it.

Your Back to School Wardrobe


Do Your Research

Start with the basics. Before you drive to your favorite boutique for some fall shopping, cozy up on the couch with a cup of coffee and do your research. Explore fall trends. Take note of styles you want to replicate, and trends you’d rather leave on the rack. Push your comfort zone and try pieces you might not usually wear. You might just surprise yourself. One of the easiest ways to explore new trends and keep track of what you love is using Pinterest. Create a “Back to School” board and get pinning. Need Fall Outfit Inspiration? Click here to explore Jackie’s favorite fall trends. 


Refresh Your Closet

Every season calls for a wardrobe refresh. No matter how much you resist this seasonal activity, bring out the boxes, bags and totes for all of your donations. Think critically about each piece in your wardrobe. When you open your closet. What do you see? If you see handfuls of potential outfits, just waiting to be worn, you are in the right place. If you see a collection of clothing that overwhelms you so deeply that you don’t even know where to begin, it might be time to minimize the volume of clothing you’ve got hanging around.

Click here for Jackie’s Wardrobe Refresh Worksheet. 


Create Your Own Look Book

When you have a physical look book of your own, it will direct your shopping and wardrobe curating efforts. If you have a Jackie stylist, you can share this resource with her to help her send you styles that perfectly align with you and your styling needs. This look book can be a wide range of things. It can be a collection of photos saved to your phone, reflecting your favorite looks. It can be a board on Pinterest. If you’re extra crafty, it can be a physical collage of magazine clippings, colors and textures that you are loving for the fall. Don’t limit yourself. Creating a look book will give direction to the curation of your closet.


Talk With a Friend

Building the perfect fall wardrobe is one of those things that is more fun with a friend. Explore new trends with a trusted friend adds a styling resource. Spend an afternoon at your favorite boutique with your best friend, trying on new trends and styles in preparation for curating your perfect fall look. We all know the benefit that comes with having a friend in the fitting room to tell you that you look absolutely fabulous, or suggest that you leave that sweater on the rack, where it belongs.


A Jackie Box

We aren’t afraid to say it. The Jackie Styling Team can curate your closet and refresh your fall wardrobe and save you the hassle of shopping till you drop. Not only is a Jackie subscription wildly convenient, your Jackie stylist would love to see your look book and be the friend you reach to when you can’t decide what looks best. Refuse to underestimate what your Jackie stylist can do for you. Trust us, she is so much more than the lady behind the box.

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