Brand Origin: Maison Du Soir was founded by Courtney Kates Garcia in Los Angeles, California. She is a firm believer in the essential nature of sleeping well and feeling your best. With that, came her desire to curate a loungewear line that allows women to feel effortlessly beautiful any time of day. Women deserve to feel confident in their wardrobe and Maison Du Soir understands that perfectly. Production takes place in LA, where Courtney is able to keep a close eye on quality and design. Click here to hear more about Maison Du Soir’s story.

What Sets This Brand Apart: While so many brands stand for curating a wardrobe that makes you feel your very best, Maison Du Soir takes that goal to a whole new level. Avoiding the sweat pants and an old T shirt trend, Maison Du Soir helps women connect with beautiful pieces to wear to bed and around the house. This brand understands the value of high quality clothing and the impact it can have on your lifestyle.

Who Is Maison Du Soir For? This brand is for women who take pride in how they present themselves. A Maison Du Soir lady takes this principle from day to night, focusing on what beautiful pieces she can wear while lounging in her home. Maison Du Soir is for the woman who understands quality apparel and supports high-end, boutique brands.

Why Jackie Carries Maison Du Soir: Jackie carries Maison Du Soir because this brand truly understands the tie between Confidence & Styling. Courtney and her team believe in the essential nature of curating quality clothing, supporting local boutiques and empowering women to cultivate a wardrobe that makes them feel like a million bucks; the same principles on which Jackie is built. To us, this partnership is a no-brainer.


Jackie’s Biggest Maison Du Soir Fan

“As someone who absolutely loves loungewear and comfortable pieces, I’m all about brands that utilize soft fabrics that still allow me to maintain my personal style. Maison Du Soir believes that sleepwear should mimic your personal style and I wholeheartedly agree. Even when I’m lounging around my house, I still want to feel my very best, and Maison Du Soir gets that.” – Sharon Lewis

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