Brand Origin: While theories suggest the company is named after their siblings, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen suggest otherwise. The name Elizabeth and James is simply a way to capture the twins’ goal of exploring both masculine and feminine trends. The brand was launched in 2007 by the Olsen twins. They carry apparel, jewelry, eyewear, fragrances, handbags and watches. This brand is dedicated to helping women find ways to embrace their own style, whatever that may look like. Elizabeth & James is all about finding balance in your wardrobe and lifestyle.

What Sets This Brand Apart:  Elizabeth and James emphasizes the concept of balance as their pieces seek to explore menswear inspired fashion, as well as elegant femininity. Their quality pieces offer a timeless, chic and incredibly elegant feel to any woman’s wardrobe.

Who Is Elizabeth & James For? This brand is for women who enjoy fluidity of style; women who adore regularly trying different trends. Elizabeth & James is for those who have a defined sense of style, but enjoy the art of seeking out new and exciting pieces, textures and fabrics.

Why Jackie Carries Elizabeth & James: Jackie carries this brand because of it’s simple elegance. The Olsen twins both display such high standards of dress, while keeping their apparel incredibly minimalistic and wearing quality brands, such as their own. With the emphasis on quality, high fashion and playful trend wearing, Elizabeth & James’ brand aligns closely with Jackie’s emphasis.

Jackie’s Biggest Elizabeth & James Fan

“Elizabeth and James is one of those brands that looks professional yet is totally suitable for brunch. They have such class in the pieces they select.” -Amber Duncan, CEO

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