Dear Jackie Ladies,

Trends can be a tricky thing. They come and go with the seasons, constantly telling us who to wear and how to wear it. It can seem like these ambiguous rules take precedent over our shopping experience, our wardrobe and how we feel about the clothes that we wear. At Jackie, we put a much larger emphasis on the beauty of curating a wardrobe that closely aligns with your personal style. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to embrace every new trend.

The most challenging aspect of seasonal trends is that they are always in flux. They come and go, never staying for long, often leaving us with statement pieces from floor to ceiling that won’t see much show time. Sometimes, these trends will last and help us build our wardrobe, and other times they won’t and that is more than okay.

Here comes the more difficult challenge, the one that Jackie wants to help you with; curating a classic and timeless wardrobe, filled with pieces that will carry you through the day to day, but will also take you into the months and years to come. We are here to assure you that not loving current trends is perfectly acceptable. In fact, it says so much about your personal style. You crave a timeless wardrobe; pieces that will never go out of style. You have classic taste and that is something to celebrate.

Bottom line? Let’s build you a timeless wardrobe that can keep up with your lifestyle. Whether that includes the occasional trend that you love, or classic pieces that will stay with you for the years to come, we can help you curate the perfect closet, including only the trends that you absolutely adore. Celebrate your classic taste. Seek out timeless trends as you continue to develop and understand your own style preferences. It won’t be long before you feel absolutely confident in each and every one of the pieces hanging in your closet.



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