Did you know that 80% of women aren’t wearing the right bra size? It’s one of those not so apparent faux pas that can have a negative impact on your entire wardrobe. At Jackie, we are here to advocate for the importance of perfectly tailored apparel, from your denim to your lingerie and intimates collection.

The rumors are true! Four out of five women are wearing the wrong bra size. Have you heard about Nordstrom’s completely free and complimentary bra fitting service?  Drop by their lingerie department and discover your true bra size . Keep reading to find out if you might be in need of a little extra support.

Do You Need a Professional Bra Fitting?



Do you have gapping in the cup?

If You Do: You are wearing a cup size that is too big for you! It’s time to go down a cup size and give your breasts the support they deserve!

If You Don’t: You might be wearing the proper cup size, however, if you are spilling over the cups, you might want to consider trying a larger size to avoid an uncomfortable fit.




Do your straps keep falling off?

If They Do: If your straps and they are as tight as they can be, but they are still sliding off your shoulders, you could be wearing a bra that is too big, or maybe your bra has lost its elasticity. This is an indicator that it might be time for a new bra. If your shoulders are sloped and you can’t seem to find a bra that stays in place, consider a racerback style.

If They Don’t: This is a sign that your bra is the the right size for you! Don’t forget to keep an eye on the fit, as most bras will lose elasticity within a year.


Do you battle with uncomfortable underwires?

If You Do: This is a sure sign that your cup size is too small. Quality lingerie should not fall apart quickly and if you notice an underwire gone haywire, it might just be time to increase your cup size and maximize comfort.

If You Don’t: You could very well be wearing the right cup size, but check in every so often with any gapping or strap issues that could indicate a sizing issue.


Does the band constantly ride up?

If It Does: This one is tricky! Your bra could either be too big or too small. More often than not, this means that your bra is too big and won’t stay in place. However, if your straps are too tight and your bra is too small, this can have the same effect.

If It Doesn’t: You’re on the right track to a proper fitting bra. Cheers to intimatas that fit like they should!

You Might be Asking… What is so bad about wearing a bra that isn’t “perfect?”

At Jackie, our main focus is helping you cultivate a wardrobe that makes you look and feel your very best. The fact of the matter is, when a bra fits poorly, it can impact how your clothes fit you in a huge way. More than that, wearing a bra without proper support can lead to back issues and breast pain. You want to showcase your best self and we want to help. Consider heading to your local Nordstrom for a complementary bra fitting so you can have a perfect fit every single time. Once you have the proper fit, you’ll notice an immediate difference in fit, form and function. You’ll even love the way that your clothing hangs. No more lumps, bumps or unwanted strap slippage, just a crisp, comfortable look.

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