Right now, minimalist and capsule wardrobes seem to be the talk of the town and at Jackie, we want to help you decide if this kind of wardrobe is the best fit for you. Sometimes trends are simply trends; passing with each new season. Although there is truth and benefit to a slim wardrobe, we want to help you curate a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle, not someone else’s.

What Kind of Wardrobe is Right For You?

  1. Realize That Every Woman is Different: To some, a minimal wardrobe calms the mind. Knowing that you only have so many, high-quality pieces can be comforting to some women. Others might hate the idea of having just a handful of wardrobe building pieces. Maybe you have completed our initial wardrobe refresh exercise and still have a less than minimalistic wardrobe. We are here to remind you that it is perfectly okay. Every woman has different preferences, lifestyles and organizational habits. You want a wardrobe that makes you feel confident.

  2. Analyze What Your Lifestyle Entails: What kind of activities do you engage in on a weekly basis? Are you spending long hours in the office and three days a week at the gym? What kind of apparel do your activities require? If you work in a casual environment and spend every day at spin class, chances are you don’t need as many pairs of heels as a woman who is frequently attending galas and black tie events. Remember to be practical.

  3. Are You a Basics or a Statement Lady? It seems that most women fit into one of these two categories. While every wardrobe has both basics and statement pieces, most women love shopping for one or the other. If you are always reaching for basics, a slimmer wardrobe likely makes sense for you. If you are often seeking out bold patterns, chunky jewelry, over the top accessories and shoes galore, a minimalistic wardrobe might not be for you and that is okay.

  4. What is Your Storage Situation? This factor plays a big role in how you engage with your wardrobe. If you have limited storage, even a moderately sized wardrobe can seem overwhelming, when there is no-where to store all of your favorite pieces. However, if you have a beautiful walk-in closet with endless storage space, a huge wardrobe can seem minimalistic in the way it is displayed. Consider what your storage situation looks like and let it define the size and scale of your personal wardrobe.

  5. What Makes You Feel Like Your Best Self? Bottom line, your wardrobe should make you feel good. It’s that simple. If the thought of having limited pieces makes you anxious, don’t purge your wardrobe! If you know your closet is overflowing with fast-fashion pieces that never see much wear, it might be time to invest in a curated, slimmer wardrobe. It’s about what works for you, not what’s trending.

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