At Jackie, we simply adore taking the time to applaud working women who are going above and beyond, serving as an inspiration to ladies all across the globe. Today, we want to feature Arielle Charnas, blogger and entrepreneur, for the launch of her new line, partnered with Nordstrom, Something Navy.

Arielle began building her brand in 2009, carefully curating flawless looks and inspiring her followers with her ability to continuously bring forth crisp, clean and timeless trends. She is a mother, a wife, and an incredibly talented entrepreneur. We truly believe that she is a Jackie lady from the inside out. With her dedication to family, her work and maintaining the highest quality of lifestyle, she truly does it all.

If you haven’t seen the Something Navy line, we recommend you stop by her site. Her newly launched apparel features classic work-wear, beautiful statement pieces and timeless footwear trends. Every piece carries with it, that East Coast preppy-chic look, with hints of bohemian flare. Her clothing is made for all women, encompassing sizing from 00-18. Every woman can find something that they love with Arielle’s new Something Navy line.

We believe that women truly can do it all and Arielle lives into that belief each and everyday. Never underestimate the power of a woman, a mother, an entrepreneur, or any lady with an intense passion driving her lifestyle. At Jackie, we know that you can do it all.

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