At Jackie, we acknowledge that women are different and that includes the ways in which they perform to the best of their abilities. What we do know is that there are common touch points for women who are always striving to produce the best work. We aren’t talking about just success in the workplace, we are talking about living the life you’ve always imagined. Dream big ladies!

5 Things Successful Women Love


Goal Setting

Setting goals inspires us to action. If you have actively engaged in the art of goal setting, you know how powerful the practice can be. When you put your hopes and dreams down on paper, they suddenly become far less frightening than a lengthly list of ideals that feel impossible to accomplish. Successful women love productivity and a large part of that is setting both short and long term goals for yourself so you can see growth and development. Who doesn’t want more of that in their life?


Self Care

We know, it’s a buzzword, but one we love to talk about! Highly successful women understand the benefit of pursuing self care. They don’t forget to pamper themselves and they shouldn’t! Whether it’s a weekly manicure, a spa day, or a mid-afternoon run by the beach, taking time for you gives yourself the breath of fresh air you need. If you don’t feel cared for, how can you care for the people in your life? Pour yourself a glass of chardonnay and draw yourself a bubble bath this week. You deserve it!


Honest Conversation

Ladies in constant pursuit of success do not have time for drama, passive aggressive behavior or petty conversation. High caliber women love the opportunity to engage in genuine, authentic conversation. Whether it be when dealing with conflict, or simply having coffee with a close friend, honest conversation is something that all successful women can agree upon.


A Clean Workspace

Studies say that having a crisp, clean, minimalistic workspace can increase productivity and we couldn’t agree more! If you don’t love your workspace, chances are, you won’t love the work you are producing. Create an environment that you love. Whether that be a home office with bohemian inspired rugs and the perfect wooden desk, or a white-walled workspace with cork boards for inspiration and a minimalistic space for you to do your thing; keep your workspace your own. Incorporate things that inspire you. At Jackie, we always keep a constant supply of coffee and snacks in our workspace. Our favorite is Buddy Brew!


The Perfect Handbag

All women love a good handbag, but there is something special about a bag that can keep up with your lifestyle; a bag that is functional as much as it is beautiful. We have found a bag that does just this. At Jackie, we believe in the mission of Life Proper, a handbag company that creates flawless and functional designs. Consider investing in a bag that is as high quality as you are!

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Thank you to GoLiveHQ, Life Proper, Anthropologie for the images.