Brand Origin: Anatomie was founded by Kate and Shawn Boyer in 2006. Both coming from design and athletic apparel backgrounds, the two united to create custom sportswear that blows athleisure trends out of the water. With their designs, they aim to create the most luxurious travel-wear on the globe. They understand the unique need for apparel to fit women of all body types, allowing for a flattering fit every time.

What Sets This Brand Apart: Anatomie is it’s own entity. It surpasses all other athleisure brands with it’s carefully curated designs that understand female fit, form and function. The brands main goal is to help women feel “pampered, confident and put together,” which aligns flawlessly with Jackie’s commitment to styling our clients. In terms of travel-wear, Anatomie gets it. Their fabrics are wrinkle free, so you can leave your steamer at home. Their designs are lightweight, versatile and easy to care for. If you need to wash one of their products on the go, it can be done in a hotel sink and hung to dry within hours, or blow dried in minutes. Travel never felt so easy or looked so luxurious!

Who Is Anatomie For? This brand is for women on the go. Anatomie is for the woman who spends her time jet-setting and strives to look put together, yet comfortable. This brand is designed for easy wear, easy wash and crisp, elegant athleisure looks. If you frequently find yourself on the go, consider Anatomie. You’ll never have to worry about a wrinkled blouse after a five hour flight.

Why Jackie Carries Anatomie: Jackie carries this brand because it so closely aligns with our customers lifestyle. So many of the women we style are on the go, but have an affinity for being comfortable, while wearing high end, luxurious fabrics. Anatomie helps Jackie’s clients do exactly that.


Jackie’s Biggest Anatomie Fan

“The selling point about this brand is its truly travel friendly fabrics, simple silhouettes and of course how compact the pieces are. I like to think of it as a dressier athleisure line. Their fabrics are also waterproof!! You can hike in it, spill a little coffee on it during turbulence, and you’re fine! It’s a pretty unique brand.” -Sabel Bezet – Buyer & Stylist

*All images attributed to Anatomie.

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