At Jackie, we believe deeply in curating a handful of investment pieces that will carry you from season to season without flaw. Having high quality investment pieces will transform your wardrobe and create buildable outfits that will take you from day to day without having to question whether your basics will rip and the seams or fall apart with one wash. Why put up with low quality, when you can invest in pieces that are built to last?

How to Make Your Investment Pieces Last


Store Them Properly

Perhaps the most important thing to note in terms of caring for your investment pieces, is keeping a careful eye on how you store them. For example, don’t go hanging your favorite oversized knit sweater, as it can lose its shape. Consider folding it and storing it in your dresser for easy access while protecting the shape and material of your knitwear collection. Stack your bras so they don’t lose their supportive padding. Wherever you store your investment pieces, make sure it will help them maintain their quality.


Give Them Some TLC

Investment pieces deserve a little extra TLC. Treat them like a friend! Take them out for a spin every once in a while. It sounds silly, but having quality apparel doesn’t matter if you never show it off! Even if it is your favorite Stateside tee with your go-to Hudson jeans, it deserves to see the light of day. From running errands, to working from home, give your basics some love. They don’t do any good just sitting in your closet.


Wash Accordingly

This may seem second nature, but it is absolutely essential to wash your investment pieces accordingly. If it is dry clean only, take it to the dry cleaner! If it is line dry only, resist your urge to throw it in the dryer, even for just a few minutes. Even the highest quality of clothing can respond poorly if it isn’t washed how it should be. Please, for us, don’t go throwing your intimates in the drier and be careful with your knits!


If It’s Leather, Moisturize!

Every good wardrobe collection has at least a few leather pieces, as it should! Something that we can often forget to do is care for our leather goods. Leather is an incredibly durable material, but even the most durable of products needs some TLC every so often. If you like getting your hands dirty, pick up some Leather CPR, grab a soft sponge and moisturize that leather! If you don’t have the time for that kind of conditioning, drop it off at your local cobbler for a tune up. Even if it is only done twice a year, you will notice a huge difference in how your leather products can truly last you a lifetime when cared for properly!


Keep Their Shape

Handbags that aren’t being used can easily lose their shape if they aren’t stored well. Next time you put your bag into storage for a few months, stuff it with old pillow cases, or some purse pillow stuffers (yes, they make these!) to prevent the bag from losing its structure. If it’s a sweater or a top that will become shapeless when hung, or wrinkle when folded, treat them how they’d like to be treated. It’s the golden rule of investment pieces!

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Thank you to Life Proper and AJ Madison for the images.