How a New Subscription Box & Styling Service is Changing The Way Women Get Dressed

Call it a tyranny of choice. We all know it when we see it. Closets filled to the brim, but nothing to wear. Endless racks and hours spent in a dressing room battling with low-quality fabrics, unflattering fits, and denim that never fits as it should.

For most women, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What do you do if you crave quality over quantity; substance and style?

Enter: Jackie —a subscription service that’s so much more than just a monthly box. Jackie pairs its subscribers with real stylists who evaluate each woman’s style preferences, where she’s going in her day to day life, and her wardrobe goals.

Each new subscriber starts by taking a quiz. Those special ‘Jackie’ touches come in the form of deep questions that go beyond fit and function. Questions also touch on each woman’s personal taste in books, bingeable TV shows, dream vacation spots, and more.

After completing the quiz, a personal stylist reaches out to schedule a consultation. Even after initial consultations and box deliveries, stylists are accessible via text and email for feedback and requests for new styles, occasions to shop for, color palettes, and brands. It’s this attention to detail that sets Jackie apart. Stylists make it a point to listen first, then rely on intuition over algorithms to determine what each subscriber receives in their curated boxes. In the end, women feel as though they’re interacting with a close friend, coworker, cousin, sister, and confidant —someone bold but with the best possible intentions.

Though Jackie has only been online since Fall 2017, the tight-knit, all-female team of entrepreneurs and stylists has its sights set on redefining how busy women approach the very acts of shopping and getting dressed.

For Jackie’s founder, Amber Duncan, the new venture comes from her desire to see other women thrive in all aspects of life.

“I love creating, so business is definitely one of my passions. My other being my love of empowering people to be their best true authentic self. Inside every human being is such beauty and talent and I love to extract that out of someone and watch them come alive.”

While there may be a dozen subscription box companies on the market, few approach styling from such a holistic standpoint. Duncan says, “Style isn’t about the clothes, but rather the confidence portrayed by the woman wearing them.”

About Jackie

Jackie, which is based out of Bradenton, Florida, has a lifestyle-oriented approach to getting dressed that is setting a new standard in women’s style. With one-time, monthly, and quarterly boxes, women everywhere can get their favorite clothes and accessories delivered straight to their door with the help of a personal, Jackie stylist. Each month or quarter, subscribers get curated picks from brands like Hudson, Chan Luu, Joie, Maison Du Soir and many more.