When we say “a professional wardrobe,” every woman has an idea of what that means. You might think of blazers, wide-leg dress pants and elegant button downs. While we know that this is a working wardrobe for some, it certainly does not apply to all women in the working world. Some women run businesses from home, others work in environments that don’t demand fitted blazers and pointed toe loafers. We want to make your working wardrobe fit your lifestyle, because it should!

Making Your Professional Look Work For You

Where Do You Work?

Do you work a 9-5 in an office? Are you constantly on the go? Do you work in the fashion industry; the food industry? Do you own a gym or pilates studio? Women are doing all kind of amazing things in all sorts of industries. We know that a standard “working wardrobe” is anything but a one size fits all scenario. Take into consideration your work environment. Chances are, it demands something a little different than a typical professional wardrobe.

What is Your Schedule?

Think about your typical working week. Maybe you are running from meeting to meeting. Maybe you’re setting up camp in your home office with a mug full of coffee and an afternoon of phone calls. Are you the kind of lady who takes an afternoon break to hit the gym or squeeze in a mid-afternoon run for mental clarity? No matter what you do, make sure you have a wardrobe you love for every activity. Trust us, even your workouts feel better when you know you look good doing it.


What Makes You Feel Your Best?

Don’t forget to ask yourself what trends make you feel like your very best self. Even if you are a personal trainer, maybe when you have an office day, you want to dress up and flaunt those new heels you’ve been dying to show off. Never let your work take away from what makes you feel your best. Be true to what makes you feel fabulous. There are always ways to make it work.

Pull it All Together

In short, be true to your styling preferences and let your work and schedule guide your wardrobe, but don’t let it define you. If you love athleisure, but your 9-5 office schedule doesn’t allow it, find time to rock your favorite sneakers and new Strut This yoga pants. If you work from home and don’t need pencil skirts and blazers, but love elegant jumpsuits and soft leather shoes, take those styles out on date night with your special someone. At Jackie, we know how important it is to love what you wear and to wear what you love; so let your lifestyle guide you to feeling and looking your best every day.

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