The holidays are coming to a close and it can often leave us feeling at a loss. There is so much hype from Thanksgiving to New Years, that when this season is over, it can feel like a let down. How can we, as women, push past the post Christmas slump and appreciate the holidays for what they are?

Acknowledge The Season

Take the time to appreciate the good that came from the holidays; the family and friends you were able to see, the memories that were made. Think about what you gained from this special season. As we know, all good things must come to an end and each season brings something positive to our lives, even if it might not seem that way at first. Think about the lessons learned or the struggles that came from the holidays. Ask yourself what you can take away from those lessons, for in every season, there is something to learned.

Be Vocal About It

Share with your loved ones what you enjoyed about the holidays this year, the things that you want to replicate in years to come. With that being said, don’t miss the opportunity to discuss the things that were challenging, even hurtful. Sharing gratitude and working through challenges with someone you trust can bring about that much needed closure that comes with each holiday season.

Think Ahead

The holidays are a great time to bring a sense of closure to the year. With New Years just around the corner, it can be helpful to start thinking about all that has taken place in the past year. Was it what you expected? Were there things you hoped to accomplish that need to move to the top of your to do list for the upcoming year? Utilize the holiday season to finalize and complete the past year, preparing yourself to be open to the adventures that the coming year will bring.

Get Excited

Take what you have learned from the holidays and the year past and use it to launch yourself into the New Year. Whether the holidays brought about joyful experiences, or hurt feelings, seek to find the good and use it to your advantage. Get excited about what lies ahead. Life is too short to spend your valuable time worrying about the past, or what lies ahead.


Don’t forget to give yourself the time and space to recuperate from the holiday craze. Do what you need to do to recharge. This is especially true for the women who spent more hours than they can count cooking, baking and entertaining. Take time for you. You deserve it! If you need tips for spoiling yourself, we have got you covered. The top of our list? A Jackie Subscription!