At Jackie, our favorite way to kickoff the New Year is by giving our wardrobe a much-needed refresh. If this is an area where you feel that you could really use some extra support, click here to unlock our Dream Wardrobe Worksheet. Over the course of a year, we accumulate pieces that we love and others that we don’t. Some pieces we wear constantly because we adore the way they make us feel, others hang in the back of our dimly lit closets, never seeing the light of day. This month, we want to focus on getting your wardrobe in tip top shape for 2019. Let’s leave the past in the past and focus on what we can accomplish together in the New Year.

Sift & Sort

The first step in preparing your wardrobe for a new year is going through all of the pieces you own, one by one. Although it takes time and can be emotionally exhausting, giving your closet the TLC it needs will leave you with a clean slate for the New Year. With each piece, decide if you want to keep it, toss it or donate it. Sustainable fashion is a trending market right now and one you can take part in by recycling the clothes that you don’t love anymore, but chances are, someone else will. Don’t miss the opportunity to play a part in the sustainability movement as you cultivate a high-end wardrobe that you love.

Study Trends

Do your research. When you take the time to understand what is trending and incorporate timeless trends that never go out of style, you will be able to source inspiration for your new and improved 2019 wardrobe. Whether it be by following bloggers and influencers on social media, talking with a friend whose style you admire, or consulting with your Jackie stylist, having an understanding of global trends will help you decide which direction you want to take your wardrobe in the year ahead.

In an exclusive interview with Insider, Jackie’s CEO, Amber Duncan, shared her favorite trend for 2019. “I know what you’re thinking. Bike shorts? No way! [But] this is a fashion trend you must try! There is something empowering about being so vulnerable. Dress them up or dress them down, but put them on and flaunt them wherever you go. It exudes confidence!”

Write It All Down

Take note of the trends that you love versus the trends that you want to leave in 2018. Write down what colors you see yourself wearing, which statements you want to make and what is missing from your current wardrobe. Keeping track of this will make the shopping process easier and keep you laser focused on what you need for the year ahead.

Invite Someone Along For The Journey

Don’t dive in all alone! One of the most beneficial things you can do when preparing your wardrobe for a new year is have someone who will listen, understand and advise. Whether it is a friend, a family member, or your own personal stylist, having someone to help you fine tune and perfect your wardrobe is an invaluable piece of loving what’s in your closet.

If you are interested in a Jackie stylist of your own, but need a bit more reassurance, do not hesitate to reach out. We would love to talk with you before your purchase to see if Jackie is the right fit for the both of us. Click the red button in the bottom, right corner of the screen to be directly connected with a stylist, or email us at [email protected] to chat via email or set up a call with a member of our styling team.

Invest In The Best

This is our favorite part. With your clean slate wardrobe, support system and bags full of donations in hand, choose to invest in the highest quality of clothing in 2019. You are worth every penny. From your basics to your statement pieces, refuse to settle for average, because Jackie lady, you are the furthest thing from average. Know your worth and demonstrate to others that you know your value by investing in the best this year. Life is too short and you work too hard to settle for anything less than a wardrobe that you can be proud of.

“Don’t settle for anything less than clothes that make you feel like the best version of yourself. Get rid of the old and make room for new wardrobe pieces that will go with the ever-evolving you in the New Year. Plus, you can kick it off by making a generous clothing donation to your community.” – Amber Duncan, CEO