Each year we set out to make smarter health & fitness choices. Often times, we make it far too complicated, when, in reality, it should be very simple. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should start as a habit that becomes so ingrained in our day to day that we don’t have to think twice. We don’t want to complicate things this year. Keep reading for Jackie’s 10 Simple Ways to Prioritize Heath & Fitness.

The 10 Tips…

1. Decide When You Want to Workout

Are you a morning person or are you a night owl? Listen to your body. Don’t force yourself to do an early morning, pre-work run if you know you get the most out of your workouts when you hit the gym at the end of the day. Stay true to what your body needs.

2.  Wear The Best

It is so much easier to prioritize fitness when you have a wardrobe to keep up with your lifestyle. Going to spin class is guaranteed to be better when you feel good about what you are wearing. You are going to feel ready to take on the world in your new Strut This workout set, or Alo Yoga leggings that come in your Jackie Box. Get rid of that old, worn out sports bra and upgrade your activewear with Jackie.

3. Eat Breakfast

As a successful woman on the go, it can be an added challenge to prioritize breakfast, especially if you have to drop the kids at school before a day packed with meetings. We want to encourage you to set aside time for a quick, nutrient-rich, breakfast. When you skip a meal, it slows your metabolism, leaving the body to store fat more readily. Do yourself a favor and prep some overnight oats ahead of time, or blend a fruit smoothie to help you power through your morning. Breakfast doesn’t have to be a full meal, but it should be substantial enough to get your day going.

4. Don’t Plug In Your Computer

It seems counter productive, but if you start your day with a fully-charged laptop and you soon find that you haven’t taken a break and suddenly your battery is on low, you know it’s time to get the blood flowing. Use this as a reminder to take a walk, do a quick yoga flow, or create some time for a pre-lunch run. Staying active will bring more blood to the brain, helping you generate the best quality work you possibly can.

5. Meal Prep

One simple way to prioritize health and truly consider the food that you put into your body is by setting aside the time to meal prep at the start of each week. Grocery shop for just what you need and don’t shop hungry! Put in the leg work ahead of time, preparing meals to bring with you to work for lunch and laying aside what you will cook for dinner each night. It will keep you on track and keep you from reaching for sugary or salty snacks all week long.

6. Get a Personal Trainer

For those of us who have a more difficult time motivating to get to the gym, go for that run or join that pilates class, having someone to keep you accountable can be an invaluable tool. Talk to someone at your local gym about their on staff personal trainer. Take time to meet a few before you jump in. It is important to make sure you will be working with someone who is a good fit for you, both in terms of your fitness goals and personality.

7.  Try One New Activity Each Week

Your weekly gym routine can easily become mundane when you do the same thing, at the same time on the same days of the week. Push yourself to set aside one day each week to try something new. Whether that be trying your local pilates studio for a one-time class, taking a yoga class at that studio you always pass on your way to work, or picking up something totally new like swimming, biking or paddleboading. Anything that keeps you moving and interested is worth your time.

8.  Stop Counting Calories

Unless you are on a strategic, weight gain or weight loss program, refuse to put so much pressure on yourself that you feel the need to count each and every calorie. Download an app that will help you track your intake, but don’t base your self-worth or perception of success on how few or how many calories you eat per day. Eat foods that your body craves, leafy green veggies, juicy fruits, whole grains and lean protein. Keep it simple. When you build a foundation of healthy foods and supplement it with regular physical activity, you are going to see and feel results.

9. Allow Room to Treat Yourself

One of the ways that we welcome negative self-talk into our lives is by beating ourselves up when we stray even slightly from our strict diet. At Jackie, we believe in the value of indulging. Allow yourself dessert at a nice dinner out. Allow yourself a buttery glass of Chardonnay with dinner. Even allow yourself that scoop of ice cream every so often and refuse to feel guilty. Life is too short not to allow room for small indulgences.

10. Get a Team

Surround yourself with people who encourage and uplift you; the people who acknowledge, understand and support your goals. When you have people on your side who want to see you succeed, you will be motivated by the continued pursuit of your goals and the community rising up alongside you.

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