Spring is just around the corner and 2019 trends are a topic we love to discuss. This season has some exciting, beautiful and elegant trends that we cannot wait to flaunt this spring, but there are a few that we want to put our own spin on in the months to come. Keep reading for 5 trends that the Jackie team isn’t loving and our suggestions for making these trends work for every woman.

5 Spring Trends We Aren’t Loving


Beige Utility Apparel

While we love utility apparel, there is something about this beige, khaki look that isn’t always the most flattering. Depending on your skin tone, this neutral color choice can leave you feeling washed out, something we’d definitely like to avoid. Utility jackets, jumpsuits, vests and pants are in this spring and we cannot wait to flaunt them, but you will find us opting for more army green and navy blue hues. These colors will work to compliment your figure and your complexion, while incorporating the utility trend.







Sourcing inspiration from the past is an essential piece of building a wardrobe you love. It can give a vintage feel to your style when you pull trends from past decades, but we do want to be wary of certain trends that should stay in the past. This spring, crochet is one of the hottest trends and we want to be wary of how we bring this look into our capsule wardrobe. While hints of crochet and craftsman wear apparel can be a great statement piece, we think that there is benefit to thinking creatively about how to make this trend work for you. If you are looking for a creative way to flaunt the trend, consider a woven handbag or crochet earrings.








Tie Dye

There is something so iconic about the style from the late 60’s and early 70’s, but we have seen tie dye come and go a number of times. Tie dye can feel dated and young if not executed properly. At Jackie, we believe that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other patterns, color schemes and designs to experiment with. This spring, let’s explore other on trend patterns like stripes, florals and animal print.



MISA Los Angeles


Sporty Sandals

This might be one of springs most talked about trends. Teva even did a show at New York Spring Fashion Week. Chances are, you have met people who are fiercely dedicated to their sporty sandals. Maybe you’ve even questioned buying a pair in response to their high praise. While we love a good challenge, we think that your sporty sandals should be left for hiking with the family or your weekend camping trip. When it comes to elegant, high-end footwear, we have other things in store for our Jackie subscribers this spring!



Pleated Skirts

Spring 2019 trends are throwing us back to the 70’s and 80’s. While we love pulling generational trends to curate the perfect, timeless wardrobe, there are certain trends we want to put our own spin on. Silk is very on trend this spring and we love the fabric, but heavy pleating doesn’t always serve to flatter your figure. If you love the silk, maxi skirt trend, try a simple, unpleated, silk skirt or pant. Pair it with a graphic tee and a light leather jacket, and a subtle heel for the perfect, spring look.


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