Founder and CEO of Jackie, Amber Duncan, says, “Part of starting a New Years resolution to take care of YOU, begins with clothing that motivates you but also works for you during your workout of choice. The brands we carry at Jackie do just that. They allow you to look like a million bucks while feeling accomplished and satisfied in your workouts. The gear gets you excited to perform!” Scroll down for Jackie’s 10 Must Have Workout Pieces for the New Year.

10 Must Have Workout Pieces

  1. Matching Workout Sets: There is no better feeling than when women at the gym ask you what you are wearing. A set by Strut This or Alo Yoga will have everyone wondering just that. Both brands are contemporary yet comfortable. They create a community that is focused on inspiring women, just like our community here at Jackie.

  2. Puffer Jackets: While going for a run in this colder winter weather, layer up with a puffer jacket by SAM. Not only is it wind resistant, but water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about sweating in it and you can still give your workout your strongest effort.

  3. Water Tumblers: The key to a good workout is staying hydrated. Consider substituting your water bottle for a tumbler such as one by Byta. Not only will you look your best filling up at the water station but feel your best too.

  4. Koral Gear: Amber Duncan is a firm believer in treating her workout clothing just like her going out apparel. She says, “I put just as much emphasis on the pieces I select so that when I am at the gym or running, I feel amazing which keeps me motivated to continue.” Similar to Jackie, Koral is a brand that strongly believes in empowering women. Together, we believe that women can be strong yet gentle; fierce but kind.

  5. Sneakers: Feeling comfortable during your workout is essential. When your clothes and shoes conform to your workout, it affects the outcome. Whether you are wearing Nike’s, Converse or Adidas, make sure that you are picking a size and fit that feels the most comfortable to you.

  6. Protein Powder: Allmax Whey Gold is Jackie stylist and bodybuilder, Jadyn Calkins’, favorite protein powder. She stresses, “Protein powder is a necessary supplement to incorporate into your diet and the easiest way to make sure you are getting enough protein intake. Many people don’t realize just how important protein is and how essential it is for fat loss. It helps grow that lean muscle. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you are going to burn because protein keeps you fuller longer than fats and carbs. Therefore, your caloric intake is going to decrease resulting in weight loss.”

  7. BCAA’s: Jadyn Calkins also states, “BCAA’s are the ‘building blocks’ of protein and they are a supplement that helps grow your muscle, aids in muscle recovery and prevents fatigue. Jadyn’s favorite is Ghost Swedish Fish Flavored BCAA and she drinks it while she works out because it contains essential hydration compounds. Not to mention, it tastes like candy!

  8. Progress Tracker: Amber Duncan also suggests, “Take a photo of yourself when starting a new workout routine and retake that photo every 30 days to show your progress! The brands we carry at Jackie will look great on you from start to finish and will survive the hard training you put in.”

  9. Beats Headphones: Music is necessary while working out and at Jackie, we love our Beats headphones. You don’t have to worry about them falling out of your ears like you do with typical earbuds, which will help you maintain focus at the gym.

  10. Gym Bag: Another crucial part of looking and feeling your best during a workout, is making sure all of your belongings are stored nicely and stylishly in a gym bag or backpack.