At Jackie, we place a high value on the price of community involvement. We cherish opportunities to empower those far and wide, and that includes those in our immediate and far reaching communities. Last week, Amber Duncan, Jackie’s CEO, had the opportunity to share her entrepreneurial story with six of Lakeland High School’s Leadership Classes.

Amber shares, “It was an invaluable experience to share the personal struggles and victories that come with being a business owner. It allowed me to educate them on what is possible with hard work and determination.”

The scope of Amber’s impact with her businesses is truly incredible. She has successfully created a number of businesses serving to help others in some unique and creative way. Whether it be through boutique clothing, delicious cupcakes, or working in debt settlement, Amber is always striving to empower those around her. Her story is inspirational and one that encourages others to take action and make a difference.

Lakeland High School’s Leadership Coordinator shared, “My students were blessed to have heard Amber’s presentation.  I keep hearing words like motivated, information, interesting, and inspired. They are still buzzing today!”