With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we, at Jackie, believe in the value of treating yourself. We believe in giving yourself, or your loved ones, what they deserve and more. We believe in the value of investing in quality apparel and giving gifts that will continue to give, time and time again. Here are five reasons that a Jackie box is the perfect Valentine’s gift for yourself or for your special someone. (Pro Tip: Send the link to this blog to your husband, boyfriend or fiancee to drop the hint!)

The Perfect Valentine’s Gift


You Gift a Relationship

When you gift a Jackie subscription, you are giving so much more than a not so little red box, filled with boutique clothing. You are gifting a relationship with a stylist, an invaluable investment. Our team of stylists want to go beyond the clothes in the box and get to know you, your lifestyle and be your personal assistant to the life you’ve only dreamed of.


You Gift Confidence

A Jackie subscription is so much more than the clothes. It’s about cultivating a lifestyle defined by confidence. As women, we should feel confident and empowered by the clothes that we wear. It can be almost too easy to settle for fast fashion that isn’t built to last, but at Jackie, we carry brands that will continue to build your wardrobe with each wear, not tear at the seams with every wash. When your closet is filled with brands that you believe in, not only will your confidence in your wardrobe skyrocket, but confidence in yourself too!


You Gift Practical Workwear

We understand that as women, we fill many different roles to a wide variety of people in our lives. We are mothers, friends and more often than not, we work amidst it all. At Jackie, we carry work essentials that will carry you through week after week in the office. From classic, black blazers, to functional leather handbags, to blue light glasses to save your eyes from endless hours staring at your screen, Jackie is perfect for the working woman.


You Gift Curated Accessories

We understand that some women already have an excellent collection of basics. From workwear to athletic apparel, you might have it covered, but what about your handbags, jewelry, shoes and accessory essentials? Let our styling team take your curated wardrobe to a whole new level and give the gift of statement pieces to add a new dynamic to your already beautiful wardrobe.


You Gift an Experience

More than anything, Jackie is a styling experience. Jackie stands for the empowerment of women everywhere. We go beyond your typical subscription service with our handpicked boutique brands and the meaningful conversations that we get to have with you before each box is sent your way. We cultivate a relationship with each client that serves them well beyond the clothes that we carry. Consider gifting Jackie’s styling experience this Valentine’s Day.