Brand Origin: Ariana Bohling is a Brooklyn based fashion designer with a passion for sustainable design. She creates beautiful, fair trade products ethically sourced in Peru, where Ariana and her business partner, Alyson spend much of their time. Ariana believes in promoting handcrafted designs and as a result, is passionate about providing workers with healthy conditions and livable wages, while manufacturing quality, statement footwear.

What Sets This Brand Apart: Not only do Ariana and her team create stunning, statement shoes, but they are a fair trade company. In today’s day in age, sustainable fashion is a rapidly growing industry, one in which Ariana is playing an essential role. Her designs are as elegant as they are sustainable. As a business owner and designer, she is involved in the day to day manufacturing of her product, while caring deeply for those that bring her designs to life.

Who Is Ariana Bohling For? This brand is for women who love to make a statement. It is for the women who want to combine fashion with their best loungewear. Ariana Bohling’s designs require a certain amount of risk and dedication to making a statement. Her footwear is not for the faint of heart, but it is for those who are always on the hunt for new statement apparel to flaunt wherever they go!

Why Jackie Carries Ariana Bohling: From the moment we first laid eyes on her designs, we fell in love. Her slippers are bold, textured and full of life. They bring youth and vivacity to your loungewear collection. More than that, we love to acknowledge women in business, who are setting a gold standard within their industry. Ariana is one of those women that we feel the need to acknowledge for her excellent designs as well as her passion for sustainable design and fashion.


Jackie’s Biggest Ariana Bohling Fan

“I can’t get enough Ariana Bohling for two reasons. First, she is setting a precedent in the world of sustainable fashion which is no easy feat. Second, she creates the most luxurious statement footwear. I believe that shoes can make or break any outfit and Ariana’s designs would knock any outfit out of the park, even if it’s just your favorite leggings and a tee!” – Devon White, Creative Content Director

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