Brand Origin: Lack of Color is an Australian brand that creates luxury men’s and women’s hats. Brought to life by Queensland couple, Tess Corvaia and Robert Tilbury, Lack of Color consistently creates high-end designs influenced by seasonal trends. Their creations are worn by bloggers, influencers and models alike.

What Sets This Brand Apart: The quality products from Lack of Color are both fashionable, well-crafted and reasonably priced. Each piece can be easily added to any wardrobe with limitless potential and the guarantee of elevating your daily look. From straw to leather and canvas to cotton, Lack of Color’s hats add something unique to any woman’s wardrobe.

Who Is Lack of Color For? This brand is for women who enjoy the art of accessorizing and aspire toward quality, staple accessories. There is something about wearing a hat that can feel risky to some women, but Lack of Color inspires confidence rather than fear. Their designs help women push the boundaries of their styling comfort zone and assure them that they truly can wear anything they want, regardless of what they have been told.

Why Jackie Carries Lack of Color: At Jackie, we believe in investing in the best. From the leggings we wear at the gym to the accessories we effortlessly blend into our daily look, we place a high price on quality and invite our clients to do the same. With Lack of Color, there is a hat for every occasion. From a day at the beach to a night out in Nashville, you are sure to find a style that will give you a boost of confidence knowing that you are flaunting the best.

Jackie’s Biggest Lack of Color Fan

“Each hat is simplistic yet sturdy. They feel so luxurious whether it be made of wool or palm leaf. I love seeing women who aren’t “hat people” put one of these hats on, look in the mirror and light up at their reflection. They are so versatile. Most of the hats you see at Coachella are Lack of Color, for good reason. What’s not to love?” – Sabel Bezet, Head Buyer & Stylist

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