Mother’s Day is all about the goddesses who go by the title “mom.” Out of all of the titles and positions that I have come to call my own, mom is by far my favorite. It is one that I feel so blessed with and when Mother’s Day comes each year, I find myself experiencing an overwhelming sense of gratitude for this role. It is the hardest job I have been given, but by far the most rewarding.

I have always struggled in this role and it’s the one that requires the most effort on my part. I tend to run everything like a business and with children, I have a tendency to operate the same. After a day filled with meetings and calls, it can be difficult to transition from business mode to mom mode. I also prefer things be extremely organized and when you have five children, there is always a mess somewhere, but I have learned to embrace it and not to sweat the small stuff. Being a mom is such a humbling experience and one from which I learn so much.

I am far from perfect, but my goal is to raise five children who just “get it.”  I pray that they grow up knowing what matters most; their relationship with God and with those they love unconditionally. I want them to show respect to others and when an opportunity to help someone arrives, it is one that they welcome with open arms. I want them to know that they can have anything they want in life if they work extremely hard and recognize that mediocrity in any capacity is never an option. I want them to know there are no limits to what is possible and what they can accomplish. I want them to know that they can be all they want to be. I hope they always know that I am their biggest fan and want them to far exceed anything I have ever achieved. I hope to instill in them humility and gratitude. I want them to stay humble and always be grateful for what they have. I cannot wait to see the impact they will make in the world. Each day, I make an effort to speak big things over them, believing they will do just that.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t perfect but these kids that I have been blessed with are my driving force behind my desire to be the best version of Amber I can be so they have a role model. I want them to see that you can juggle multiple things and be successful. I want them to fully grasp the importance of taking care of themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually so they can pour into others. I hope to instill a level of confidence in each of them that inspires them to do their best. It is my goal to do something each day that has a lasting impact on my children so they are taking that with them into the world.

On this day, give thanks for the gift of the title “mom” and continue to invest in your children, knowing that the impact they will make in the world will be great. Enjoy each moment and cherish each memory.  While some say it goes fast, I never see it that way. It goes exactly the way it should. As we pause and celebrate, don’t forget to recognize all of the amazing mothers who have the hardest job of all.

Happy Mothers Day. Today is all about YOU.