Shopping is one of my favorite pastimes. I enjoy seeing what is trending and discovering new brands. I have specific places I shop and I stick to those brands and boutiques because I don’t want to shop just to shop. I want to build an amazing wardrobe that has incredible pieces. As you know, I am all about quality over quantity, a guiding principle behind what we are doing at Jackie. I can never comprehend going to discounted stores and getting five pieces that are just okay if you can have one incredible piece that will outlast lesser quality clothes. I have decided to share with you my rules for shopping so you can incorporate them into your routine as you build a wardrobe that you are proud to call your own.

Amber’s Rules of Engagement


1. Know Before You Go –  When I decide to shop, I know what I am searching for because I have seen it in a magazine or online. I know what I want and I am specific in my search. Don’t get distracted by anything else but that item. Stay focused on that great piece. If you find something similar, but it isn’t quite what you are looking for, keep looking and refuse to settle for less.

2. Love It. Don’t Like it. – So many people settle for things they buy. I don’t purchase anything I don’t absolutely love. Liking something just isn’t good enough. This rule can be used for closet clean outs too. When you have a closet full of pieces you love, you never get tired of them.  Walk away from “like” and only purchase “love.

3. Does it Fit My Lifestyle Right Now? –  This is a tricky one for me because I love to dress like I live in New York or LA, but I live in Bradenton and that is the reality of the situation. My wardrobe needs to be in alignment with my environment. I do have pieces that I take with me when I travel and even wear locally on occasion, but I recognize that my wardrobe must be Bradenton friendly. I live in a beach town so flip flops and shorts are staple items for the summer. Most days consist of going to the gym, taking the kids to school and working, so my wardrobe choices tend to fall into one of those categories. Let your lifestyle dictate your purchases. It will help you build not only a gorgeous wardrobe that you love, but a practical one too.

4. 24 Hour Cart Hold – I love this one for online shopping. Have you ever found something you love and dropped it in your cart online and forgotten about it? When you see it again you delete it because you realize you didn’t really like it that much. I love to fill my cart and return back in 24-72 hours to see if I still feel the same way prior to purchasing it. If I still like it as much as I did when I dropped it in my cart, I buy it.

5. Stop Being Cheap – I said it. Stop feeling like you aren’t worth the money. What I recommend is to set a clear shopping budget for yourself each month and stay in the budget but don’t look at something and say “This is too expensive” just because. Who made that rule anyways? Who determined what something should and shouldn’t cost? Bottom line, if you love it and it works within your set budget for shopping, buy it and don’t feel guilty! You are worth it and clothes are what we use to present ourselves each and every day. Why do we have to discount our appearance?

There you have it, my five rules of engagement. These may not work for you, but come up with some that you can live by and set some boundaries for yourself so you don’t fall into the “I got this on sale”  trap. You are worth the investment and so are the clothes you buy. Know your worth. Understand your value and refuse to settle for less.


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