When you open your closet, it should reflect clothing options that are current and practical for the season. If it’s summer, you should see dresses, skirts, silk tops, lightweight outerwear and espadrilles. When you are in the thick of winter, you should see sweaters, scarves, coats and cozy layers. Transitioning from winter to summer can be a challenge. The two seasons call for dramatically different wardrobe choices. Here are our Jackie approved tips to kissing your winter wardrobe goodbye and ushering in warmer weather.

Moving Your Closet from Winter to Summer


  1. Think Color: In the winter, we all have a tendency to fall into a pattern of wearing the same, neutral tones. It can be easy to opt for a grey sweater, black jeans, a black turtleneck or your favorite pair of leggings, but with summer on the horizon, think outside of your neutral comfort zone. Pack away your solid colors and add some fresh floral prints and bold patterns to your closet. A little color never hurt anyone.

  2. Start from Scratch: If you find yourself feeling easily overwhelmed by where to begin, start from square one. Take everything out of your closet. Empty the drawers, clean off the shelves and strip the hangers. Rather than taking out your winter pieces, build your wardrobe from the bottom up, choosing only pieces you see yourself wearing this summer. Pack everything else away for the season.

  3. Draw The Line: We mean it! Don’t just put your winter coats in the back of your closet when summer rolls around. Box them up and put them away!  In order to clear your mind and truly enjoy the season you are in, make a clean break with your winter essentials. They will be back before you know it! There is something so freeing about a refreshed wardrobe, even if it just means bringing your summer favorites out of storage and putting them back on the hanger to be worn again.

  4. Detox: Each season offers a unique opportunity to evaluate what you love and what has served its time in your closet.  If you know it won’t see much time off the hanger, donate, resell or gift to a friend. There is endless value in recycling clothing. Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the largest sources of pollution? When you give your clothing a new home, you are helping reduce the fashion industry’s carbon footprint and you give someone else a piece that might make them feel like a million bucks! Sounds like a win-win to us.

  5. Strategize: It sounds boring but trust us, it’s not! Strategize is code for let’s go shopping. Amber shared in her most recent blog how to shop with purpose and making a wardrobe transition is the perfect time to put that to the test. Notice what is missing from your closet, what trends you want to take with you into this new season. Once you have your list and vision for what you want, get out there and refuse to settle for less. Always shop strategically. As Amber says, “Never shop just to shop.”

  6. Take Our Style Quiz: This is the fun part. Whether you know exactly what trends you want to flaunt this summer or you think you might need a little extra help, The Jackie Style Quiz is a great starting point. It helps you identify aspects of your style that you hadn’t considered. It helps you evaluate your lifestyle and what is both practical and fashionable for your day to day. Once you complete the quiz, expect to hear from a member of our styling team to chat with you about your results and offer you the opportunity to get on our styling schedule, partner with a stylist and get a box sent your way! Summer fashion never sounded so good.

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