To help you get a better idea of what has arrived with our Jackie V subscription, we want to introduce you to the woman behind this new initiative, Erica McCreadie, best known for her personal blog, The Roaring Flora. Keep reading for our exclusive interview with Erica. To order a box today, click here!




 1. How Can I Sign Up for Jackie V?

Visit our website to view our subscription plans. You will then see an option for each subscription to choose a Jackie V box. We are the same company, with the same website, but we are becoming a key player in the world of sustainable fashion. The Jackie V box is available to all Jackie clients! If you’d like to place an order today, click here.

2. What is The Roaring Flora all about?

The Roaring Flora is all about shedding the unnecessary layers society places upon us so we may flourish in our most true, raw forms. My goal is to create a community where people feel comfortable being themselves. Just like the flowers in nature, we are all different and beautiful in our own ways. Letting go of the idea that we have to be hard, guarded or tough in this world is so important. Embracing our childlike selves, sensitivity and kindness, helps us to reawaken and become reacquainted with the fact that every thing is connected.

3. How long have you been “The Roaring Flora” and how did you decide to start? 

I had the idea to create this community and to name it The Roaring Flora began at the start of 2016. Going vegan was what really inspired me to begin. It opened my eyes to how big of a difference I can make all on my own and rendered me so empowered I had to share my thoughts and new discoveries with others. I began via Instagram and it snowballed from there. I launched a blog where I wrote more about veganism, living eco-friendly and conscious living in general but I recently decided to stop writing and create a Youtube channel!

4. How does your mission tie together with the work that Jackie is doing?

Even though I’ve become so passionate about sustainability and veganism, I’m still very into my old hobbies like fashion and art. I never want people to think going vegan or living sustainably means they have to change themselves or give up things they love. Dedicating yourself to living more consciously doesn’t mean you have to become a roadside activist or never shop for fun again. I’ve learned to live more sustainably, but I still love clothing and shopping. I simply learned to thrift more and when I buy new, I do research on brands and invest in pieces I anticipate having for years and years to come.

5. How did you get the inspiration for Jackie V? 

I feel so inspired by the original Jackie! From the moment I met the stylists at the coffee shop I used to run, Tellers,  I remember wanting to be a part of it. I remember the first time I stepped into the Jackie headquarters. I was so uplifted and inspired by it that I just wanted to show my gratitude for its existence. I thought about how I could help for weeks and then months. Finally, I decided that showing the girls what I’ve learned over the years about living consciously and bringing a piece of that to their table was a great way to show my gratitude.


6. What kind of products can we expect for Jackie V?

Jackie V will supply everything from vintage jeans and t-shirts, to new high quality shoes, handbags, and clothing that are all guaranteed vegan and ethically made.

7. What encouragement can you offer about sustainable living?

I want people to know that I understand how daunting and extreme the words vegan and sustainable can sound but that every little bit counts. Veganism is about compassion for all living things.

Sustainability encompasses that through trying to leave the smallest impact on nature in our time here on earth. No one is perfect at either of these. The world doesn’t need a handful of people who are 100% vegan or completely zero waste. It needs all of us to live our lives more keenly aware that everything we do affects everything around us and to adjust our actions and non-actions little by little accordingly.

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