At Jackie, each stylist has a distinctive personal style that can be described in just a few words. For me, it’s trend-driven contemporary. As a fashion stylist, I often go through phases with what I’m loving at the moment and what I find inspiring. I find that the best way to really hone in on what my personal style reflects each season is to make a trend board. Go out and buy a few magazines, grab a pair of scissors, flip through the pages and cut out anything and everything that speaks to you. Pin all of your clippings together and you’ll soon discover what the mood is of your overall personal style. I also suggest keeping this trend board near your closet and channeling it while getting ready in the morning. Snap a photo of it so that you have it on your phone while shopping too. If you keep your clothes in line with it, you’ll create a trendy wardrobe with so much originality in no time.

If there is anything I enjoy more than being on trend, it’s being ahead of the trend curve. To forecast fashion, you have to take into consideration what is happening economically and socially around the world. I believe that we are seeing a shift more than ever in people investing in quality items that will last them a lifetime and that’s always been our main focus at Jackie. Once you’ve established your personal style, it will become something you take with you into every season, even as trends change. I’m also seeing a shift in people becoming more socially responsible, which is why I’m so excited about how many of our Jackie V items are in alignment with some of my favorite summer trends listed below!


This is a trend that has had some substantial longevity and I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. Zebra, leopard and snake print are everywhere right now. One of my favorite ways to wear animal print is to make a statement with it. I love pairing an all black or all white outfit with a pop of an animal print shoe.



Statement White

White on white outfits are another trend I cannot get enough of this summer. They especially look incredible with a nice summer tan and paired with a wide-brimmed hat.


Lele Sadoughi was one of the brands that I was most looking forward to seeing Jackie work with this year! Padded headbands, embellished headbands and top knot headbands are all hot commodities this season. They make any basic outfit a trendy one.


This summer’s most adorable accessory is a micro bag. We just got some in by a new Jackie V brand called Pixie Mood, and I cannot get enough of them. Not to mention, they are completely cruelty free and even PETA approved!

Graphic Tee’s


If I could wear a graphic tee every day, I would. They might seem like a casual piece but they really are so versatile. Consider pairing them with a denim skirt, denim jeans, leggings, or even a silk skirt or silk pants. This is your ultimate day to night piece.


Speaking of silk, that’s a whole other summer trend in and of itself. Midi length skirts are booming and the comfortability of them is definitely my favorite aspect of this trend.


We’re ending on another trend that has equally if not more longevity than animal print. Layering gold necklaces with a heavy hoop earring completes just about any outfit in your wardrobe while taking it to a whole new trendy level!

Be sure to get in touch with your stylist if you’d like any of these summer trends in your next box!