It is both an art and a science, hiring new Jackie Stylists. Each woman we add to our team has something truly special to offer. From their personal style to the way that they connect with their clients, each Stylist brings something unique to The Table.

As Jackie’s Creative Content Director, who has been with Jackie since we launched in 2017, I have been a first hand witness to the talent that has walked in Jackie’s doors and brought with them talent and skill that has served both our clients and the Jackie brand.

We certainly don’t hire just anyone. At Jackie, we are always looking for something specific. We are looking for women who understand and live out our mission in their own lives. We look for women who exude positivity, who have a knack for inspiring other women to confidence. Clothing aside, it is our mission to help women understand that they are powerful and have something valuable to offer..

here are the 5 qualities that we look for when hiring a new Jackie Stylist. 


We love women with ideas and a fresh perspective. More than that, we love hiring women who can live up to their word, women who will work hard to get the job done. It is a delicate balance having great ideas and putting them to action, but at Jackie, we truly believe you can’t have one without the other.

A Non-Judgemental Eye:

Personal Styling is never about judging a woman’s style or imposing our own thoughts on someone else. It is about working with someone to help them feel confident in their own skin. It is about leaving our judgements at the door and serving for the sake of serving. Being a Jackie Stylist requires a certain level of selflessness that drives every action.


Above all else, it is our mission to inspire confidence. We believe that women must exude their own inner confidence in order to inspire others to find their own voice. A Jackie Stylist is confident in who she is and her own personal style. She acknowledges that she has something special to offer, because she does.

A Desire to Collaborate:

If anything, being a Jackie Stylist is a team effort. Stylists are not competing with one another. Unlike many other styling services, Jackie Stylists are not on commission. We want our Styling Team to work together for the benefit of our clients. We never operate under a “every woman for herself” mentality, but from a desire to help our clients find exactly what they are looking for and more.


If there is anything that helps stylist succeed at Jackie, it is a humble nature that guides their every move. They see every opportunity and conversation as an opportunity to grow and improve. No Stylist feels like they are above another, but they are constantly looking for new ways to learn from and serve one another.

Each Stylist has something unique to offer. Sabel is a natural born leader who brings confidence, a decisive attitude and timeless style with her into the office each day. Rebecca brings the delicate balance of incredible work ethic, an in depth knowledge of trends and incredible customer service. Lily brings a gentle kindness and positive glow that sheds light on every project she touches. Erica brings a raw and genuine concern for women, our planet and the environment. Our fearless leader, Amber, offers the opportunity for each Stylist to pursue their passions, while instilling in them the confidence that they truly can do anything they set their minds to.

Above all else, when we choose a Stylist to represent Jackie, we are looking for women who know themselves and relish in the opportunity to empower both their fellow Stylists and their clients. Being a Jackie Stylist means putting your own needs aside and working together for the empowerment of women. It means being clothed in confidence and helping others do the same.

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