We are all guilty of that morning drive to school in our pajamas. We all know that feeling of getting all of the kids ready for school and leaving two minutes for ourselves to get dressed for the day.  Honestly, when I look back on some of those days and remember the way I felt and things I said to myself on the drive, it wasn’t pretty. In fact, I strongly believe the way I interacted with my kids on the way to school lined up with the ridiculous outfit I threw on as I walked out the door.  I remember recognizing that even the way I dressed to do school drop off mattered.

Being a mom is the most sacrificial thing we can do as women, but we don’t have to subject ourselves to that “mom” wardrobe.  I always want to show my kids that the way I suit up for the day matters and even if it is just picking them up and dropping them off, I can do it feeling like a rockstar mom and one that my kids are proud to call their own. Workout clothes day in and day out just don’t do it anymore for me. Honestly, it is boring and predictable. The idea that we need to present ourselves like we always workout is way overrated. I know this because I was one of those women, but after I got out of that rut, I could not believe how much better I felt and how much more effective I was each day.

What does a Back to School wardrobe consist of for moms? I have some basic pieces that are crucial for the on-the-go mom.


Great Solid Tees


Do yourself a favor and invest in quality, basic tees. Have some with sleeves and others without, but choose styles that fit and flatter you, not make you feel boxy and sloppy. Vince makes some of the best tank shirts that you can pair with anything. You can always tell the difference between a great white tee from Rag and Bone or Current Eliot and one that you got on clearance. I am here to tell you there is a huge difference. A tee shirt is not just a tee shirt. While you might look at higher price point basics and think, “I can get the same thing at Target,” I encourage you to invest in your basics. They will last you far longer than the lower price point alternatives.


A Flowy Silk Skirt


This season, the silk skirt is everything and so easy to throw on with flats or even a pair of Golden Goose sneakers. It is extremely comfortable and can be paired with a solid tee or even a graphic tee which is trending now.



An Oversized Sweatshirt


There is a difference between a great sweatshirt and your favorite sports team sweatshirt. You can pair a great sweatshirt with jeans, shorts and bike shorts. Kate Connick Clothing created The Billie, which not only feels amazing because of the bamboo material and natural fabrics, but is also lightweight and easy to style. It allows you to be comfortably stylish and can be worn with a classic pair of heels which tells the world that you can run the world and still be comfortable and presentable.


A Hat


I am a firm believer in adding a hat to your wardrobe. Whether you prefer a stylish ball cap or a Lack of Color hat for a more trendy look, hats are a great way to accessorize. For the days when doing your hair is just too much to ask, throw that hat on and some lipgloss and pair it with anything you are wearing that day.  Wearing a hat really changes the look of any outfit.


A Maxi / Boho Dress



It’s easy, breezy and oh so feminine and looks way more labor intensive than it is. I love these pieces in my own wardrobe and tend to gravitate to them for those days when I don’t want anything too fitted but want to look presentable. Misa Los Angeles has some of my favorite printed maxis and you can pair them with your favorite  slides, flip-flops, boots or booties depending on season.

I encourage you to start somewhere. Get out of those workout clothes and watch your style come back to life. You feel good, you operate more effectively and you remind yourself that being a mom doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel.  Be the #MOMGOALS the others are talking about.

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