At Jackie, we preach investing in a wardrobe that makes you feel like a million bucks. We encourage the women we style to pay more for quality, lasting pieces because we believe in their value and the impact it has on each woman’s confidence. When you know that your wardrobe has been carefully curated and is worth the investment, you will start feeling and acting like you are too.

Often times, more luxurious fabrics come with a bit more maintenance than your typical “wash on cold and hang dry.” Sometimes, it means making a stop at the dry cleaners on your way to the office. Other times, often in the colder months, it means properly caring for the sweaters and knits you wear each day. Caring for your knitwear isn’t challenging once you have the right tools on hand. It is absolutely necessary and when forgotten, it can leave your knits misshapen and in less than perfect condition. This guide will provide tips for you to get the most out of your sweater collection. It will cover caring for fabrics like cashmere and wool, proper storing of delicate knitwear and how to make each product last a lifetime. Here are Jackie’s 5 tips to caring for your knits.

Store It Well

This seems simple, but so often we forget this step. Take a look at the sweater and ask yourself, “What will happen if I hang this?” While many sweaters will do just fine on a hanger in your closet, others will stretch over time. Fabrics like wool and cashmere are examples of materials that will absolutely stretch if hung. Do yourself a favor and make those investment pieces last longer when you fold them rather than hang them between wears.

Care for Your Cashmere

Cashmere is one of our go-to fabrics at Jackie, especially in the fall and winter. It is luxurious, lightweight and warm, but it must be cared for properly. If you want to avoid the hassle, drop it off at the dry cleaners with your other dry clean only pieces. If you prefer to care for it on your own, add it to the washer on gentle in a garment bag. If you want to wash it by hand, it is entirely possible. Soak it in the sink in a mild detergent and lay it flat to dry. Just promise us you won’t try to wring it out or put it in the dryer!

Buy a Sweater Stone

Every woman knows the dread that comes when your favorite sweater starts to pill. Your elegant sweater can go from gorgeous and luxurious to looking less than fabulous once it starts pilling. Don’t add your sweater to the resell or donate pile, instead, order a sweater stone. All you have to do is lightly brush areas where you are seeing lint or pilling and it will get your sweater back to near perfect condition. Click here to order one for under $5. This simple investment will have your sweaters looking brand new all season long.

Soften Your Wool

Just ordered a gorgeous new wool sweater? Often, wool that has yet to be worn in can be itchy, so much so that you avoid wearing it. Pick up a wool softener and soak your new sweater in this soapy mix then lay flat to dry. Click here to order one of our favorite sweater shampoos. It is sure to keep your new knits soft, cozy and in tip top shape!

Take Care of Repairs

Everyone knows the twinge of pain you get when you snag a new sweater and you see the damage. A pull in a knit is just the beginning. If you don’t take care of it quickly, it won’t be long before your sweater starts unraveling and you notice a hole where the pull once was. Anytime you run into an incident like this, take care of it. Keep a sewing kit handy, or, if you aren’t crafty, take it to a tailor for repairs. Don’t let a small mistake ruin your knitwear. Fix things sooner rather than later to keep your knits looking their best. When you play an active role in caring for your wardrobe rather than always buying new to replace the old, you are playing an active role in the sustainable fashion movement. If you are interested in shopping sustainably, but don’t know where to start, shop with Jackie V. We will send boutique, sustainable brands to your door each month. Click here to apply to join!

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