Christmas is just around the corner and the Jackie girls are already dreaming of what they will find under the tree! From skincare essentials and handbags to vegan leather booties and haircare products, we’ve got quite the list! Keep reading to find out what is on our Christmas list.


Supersonic™ Hair Dryer


“One of my least favorite parts of the getting ready process is having to dry my hair after a shower. I’ve been using the same Conair hair dryer since I was in middle school and it takes me at least twenty minutes to dry my hair. Our Head Buyer & Stylist, Sabel, introduced me to this hair dryer on our trip to New York last February and it was life-changing. My hair was left feeling shiny and smooth and it cut my dry time by more than half! I am really hoping to have this one under my tree this year.” – Lily Cobb, Brand Manager, Stylist


Bottega Clutch


“This bag is perfect to grab and go. It has room to carry all of your essentials and the leather is so soft and luxurious. This clutch is perfect for anytime of the year.” –Amber Duncan, Owner


Nécessaire Body Wash


“Nécessaire body wash is at the top of my list. This luxury body wash is a splurge, but worth every penny. It is all natural and packed with vitamins for a luxurious shower experience. I’m in!” – Sabel Bezet, Head Buyer + Stylist





“I love these ethically and sustainably made boots. They are classic and will go with almost any pair of jeans or skirt. This brand has been around for years and while the conscious movement has grown tremendously, they’ve been doing things the right way all along. I love supporting brands like Beyond Skin.” -Erica McCreadie, Jackie V Stylist


Pure Silk Pillowcase


“As I head into my 25th year, I am starting to really understand the importance of taking care of my skin now as I am beginning to see early signs of aging and wrinkles. With that said, I didn’t realize how many popular pillow fabrics actually absorb all the skincare we put on our faces at night. I can’t believe we spend so much on expensive skincare products for them to just be absorbed into our pillowcases while we sleep. A silk pillowcase is definitely a must on my list this year to prevent any premature aging. Even better, because of the soft material, they also protect against bed head and keeping your hair nice and smooth.” –Lily Cobb, Brand Manager + Stylist


Active Botanical Serum



“The Vintner’s Daughter Botanical Serum is liquid gold and I have seen such a difference since I began using it in combination with the Active Botanical Essence. The limited edition bottle is beautiful and would look great on any bathroom counter.” –Amber Duncan, Owner


MAYSALE Manolo Blahnik

“I love the point of these shoes and the vintage-esque square buckle on the toe. Such a beautiful shoe! I love pairing a professional and chic shoe like this with something casual like a pair of denim and a white tee.” –Sabel Bezet, Head Buyer + Stylist


SEE 2373 Sexy Specs



“Instead of wearing contacts, having options for eyewear as an accessory to spice up an outfit sounds like a dream. SEE started as a tiny family owned business and, while it has grown and can be found in multiple countries, they still operate as a quality, small business. They use the best, most durable materials and create extremely unique, one of a kind designs. Once a new design is created, they only manufacture a few thousand of that particular style frame. Once is sells out, only a handful of people on the planet will have it!” -Erica McCreadie, Jackie V Stylist


Hand Painted Palm Leaf Beach Bag


“Since I live in Florida, I have wanted a cute beach bag to carry all of my beach essentials for the longest time. This hand painted monogrammed palm leaf bag is large enough to carry everything you need for a day at the beach. Better yet, it is a stylish statement for any beach day look.” –Lily Cobb, Brand Manager + Stylist


The Peloton Tread


“I am obsessed with my bike and have really grown to love the results I have seen from using it over the last year. The community is so incredible and I love having the flexibility to work out from home. Adding the treadmill would make my home workouts even better.” –Amber Duncan, Owner


Blue Dior Oblique Book Tote Bag


“I have my eye on this beautiful embroidered tote bag by Christian Dior. I love totes. I can see this becoming my favorite new work bag and travel bag. It is very versatile and I love the distinguished look it has.” –Sabel Bezet, Head Buyer + Stylist


Reformation Remy Top


“This plunging neckline is to die for. The fabrics are vegan and Reformation is very keen on sustainability. I think this is a timeless piece and I would love to whip it out now and then for a night on the town or for under a blazer to work.” –Erica McCreadie, Jackie V Stylist

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