During the holidays, it can be tempting to shop till we drop. Christmas advertisements have us reaching for our credit card on the regular. The season of giving has a tendency to whisk us away on a mission to purchase the perfect gifts for you and your loved ones. It can be challenging to avoid the sales, press pause on shopping at big box stores and truly consider the impact of the purchases you are making. At Jackie, we believe it is absolutely essential to consider the ways that your purchases can have purpose this holiday season.

We have cultivated a list of 5 ways to shop sustainably during the holidays. Keep reading for our exclusive tips and tricks.

Gift Experiences


The most sustainable gifts you can buy for a loved one are experiences rather than material objects. Consider investing in something like tickets to the orchestra, a play, or a concert. Book a trip to a city you’ve been waiting to explore. When you do this, you gift an experience, which often means so much more. Acts of service can make great gifts and often you can teach yourself a skill in the process. Maybe you and your husband have been talking about refinishing your dining room table. Rather than paying someone to do it for you, read a few articles and get to work. Sometimes a practical, thoughtful gift carries a deeper meaning with a more lasting impact.


Invest in the Right Brands


Whether you are furnishing a new home or updating your wardrobe, there are sustainable and ethical options all around us. We just need to know where to look! Before you purchase gifts for others, and even yourself, consider the impact of this product. Where was it sourced? Who made it? Often, it is worth choosing an option that you are proud to share with others. For clothing, some of our favorite sustainable brands are Mate The Label, Boyish and Pixie Mood all of which we carry at Jackie. Click here to apply to join if you are interested in having sustainable brands shipped straight to your door.


Repurpose Wrapping Paper


When it comes to wrapping, find ways to use paper materials you already have on hand. It could be construction paper or even newspaper. Jackie V’s Head Stylist shares, “I’ve always saved the funnies for months and months leading to the holidays. If you happen to have newspaper or can collect the funnies throughout the year, it’s a great way to be zero waste! If you’d like a more elegant wrapping experience, I recommend shopping for a scarf, preferably a second hand one, and wrapping the gift in the scarf, tying it on the top.”



Gift Something Practical


If you are seeking after a zero waste lifestyle and want to inspire your friends and family to do the same, gift something practical, like a reusable water bottle or coffee mug. One of our favorite brands is Byta, not only because they create gorgeous, reusable water bottles, but because they are committed to helping the environment. There are 500 billion disposable cups produced each year. When you use a Byta, you help that number decrease. We carry Byta coffee tumblers at Jackie. Ask your stylist to include one in your next box to help get you on your way to a sustainable lifestyle!


Give Back


Create a rule for yourself. For every new piece of clothing you purchase, donate or resell one piece. This trick helps you keep your closet trim while repurposing clothing that you don’t wear as often as you used to. When you participate in the recycling of clothing, you make a positive impact on the massive carbon footprint of the fashion industry. Whether you prefer Poshmark, Goodwill, or reselling to a local thrift shop, get involved in giving back.

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