I love the idea of a fresh start and the opportunity to plan ahead and put to paper those things I am committing to in the New Year. The best way to approach this is by closing out the current year and completing an exercise that requires you to be brutally honest with yourself in effort to put your best foot forward in the year ahead.

I was introduced to this exercise by my business coach, Thea from Beyond Ten Coaching and Consulting and have completed it each year for over 10 years now. It has been a vital component of finishing each year and creating space to thrive and achieve my goals. I set aside enough time to reflect on the past year and determine what I am proud of. I also identify the areas where I fell short, but I also make every effort to show myself grace. This helps me complete the current year and make verbal commitments for the year to come. This exercise causes me to reflect on all of the good that came from the previous year, while expressing gratitude for everything I learned. I have had tremendous breakthroughs by doing this exercise.

Once I complete the timeline for the year, I then put to paper the life I want to create for the year ahead and list specific goals that I am committed to accomplishing. I like to keep this list in front of me throughout the year and check in mid-year to see if I am on track with the plan I put in place for myself.

What I have come to realize by completing this powerful exercise is that we have the ability to create the most beautiful life but it takes believing that it is possible and then dedicating yourself  to the process that will lead you to the finish line. I hope each of you take some time this month to give yourself the biggest gift; grace for the shortcomings of 2019 and a commitment to goals you are going to work towards in 2020. Put it out there and watch what happens.

Completing 2019

  1. What did you accomplish in the year 2019?  (Include all areas of your life).

  2. What are the areas of your life where you fell short, didn’t accomplish what you set out to, didn’t give 100% or missed the mark in terms of your goals or what you know you’re capable of producing?

  3. What did you learn this past year about yourself in terms of #1 and #2 above?

  4. What surprised you this year about yourself and/or others?

  5. What happened this year that “threw you for a loop?”

  6. What are you proud of in terms of the year? Include areas where you pushed through or dealt with something that required you to rise above what was predictable or what you thought was possible.

  7. What are you disappointed with from the year? Where did you feel discouraged?

  8. If you had the year to do over – which, of course, we don’t – what, if anything, would you have done differently?

  9. Is there anything else you would like to say so that the year is complete for you?

Creating 2020

  1. What are you committed to accomplishing this year in all areas of your life? (Include specific results as well as areas you would like to expand which are not necessarily measurable).

  2. In order to produce the above, what do you need to develop in yourself?

  3. What are some things you’ve been “thinking about” taking on – but haven’t yet committed?

  4. What long term goals do you have that you’d like to begin working on this year?

  5. What relationships do you want to create, develop or enhance?

  6. Separate from your goals and accomplishments, are there areas you would like to begin to take on, to master, to learn about, etc.

  7. What do you “know” about yourself that could, if not managed, stop you from accomplishing what you are setting out to accomplish?

  8. What structure will you put in place to fulfill all that you just wrote?  Is there anyone in your life that you should give a copy of this to as a way of supporting yourself?

  9. What is this year going to “be about” for you? (Example: A year of trust, a year of love, a year of miracles, a year of power, etc.)

  10. Is there anything else you would like to create for the year 2020?



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